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I’m Por from Thailand who want to try this cool gadget.
Of course, the warranty will automatically voided.
And i’m fully aware my risk and accept all of damaged that might occur.

I’m here to confirm that Sense could work with Thai electrical system.
Which us 1 Phase (Non-split like US), 220 Volt, 50 Hertz.
Same as EU-area
I thought it might blow-up ! But after 24 hours, its work fine !
Except, the signal analysis didn’t work
Because i have only one phase of voltage and current reading.
And Sense app saying that i have incorrectly install the product.

Looking forward to see new feature and improvement

I’ve been using sense for a long time (years). Haven’t posted before. I can’t see how to create a post - start a new topic. Am I blind? I’ve used forum software extensively, but maybe not a discourse based forum before.

Yup - just go in and start a new topic in the category you want.

I don’t see a button to start a new topic. Maybe I’m blind. Can you explain where it is on the screen? Thanks… Or does my account have to be validated or something?

Never mind. I see it now. The plus button. I don’t think it was there for me before. Strange.

Its not really documented in the in the “New Members Start here” thread, but, Discourse uses some basic warm up / trust settings to prevent bots / spam etc… (@JustinAtSense, maybe worth an update on that page as this trust stuff comes up from time to time)

You can read about them at the below link. I’m not entirely sure how Sense has tweaked them as they can be customized, but the defaults seem to line up with some of what I’ve seen people here discover.

But TL;DR - You have to take certain actions on the forums as a new user to earn trust to gain further access. So Read X posts, or reply to a forum before getting the ability to start new threads. Or post a certain number of times before you can post images etc…

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Thanks for sharing, @ben. I’ll be sure to add in a small note to Ryan’s original post on this thread in case this comes up again.

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Hello, I installed Sense about 2 months ago, and find it very useful. I will have 16.3KW of Solar PV installed in early March.
I use Nexia for my primary home automation along with some other automation tools that are not integrated.
We live in Hawaii and Electricity is very expensive (likely the highest in the US) and using Sense to help better understand where my $$ are going.

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Hello everyone, been using Sense for 6 months … been having issues with my local public utility …

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Just purchased over the last weekend and installation worked well. Now getting first few device IDs coming in. Interesting experience so far!


Welcome to the community, @jgirard.

Jeff here. Had Sense installed about two weeks. I have about a 6kw solar system installed. I am mainly coming to the forums for assistance on device identification.

I have had my Sense about a month, love it. Just now starting to get over the obsession of watching it. I am a manager of a couple of building materials stores. I purchased sense to find a problem with wasted electricity and quickly realized it was my well pump due to an underground leak. In my mind Sense paid for itself, now just a cool gadget. I am sure it will help me identify other problems as they arise.

Wow. I wish we had gotten this years ago. Got sense because we got a $6K bill from the power company?!!?!? They said it was catchup for years of under reads on our old meter. Their new WiFi meter showed triple tipple usage?!???

That was plenty of incentive. Sense is a great tool in a fight against their enigineering group :slight_smile:

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How could they prove it? I would be raising you know what.

It’s Sense vs their power meter. So let the games begin! :slight_smile:



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@richt I saw your post on another thread and would love for you to keep us updated on what happens here. $6K in back-billing might be the highest number i’ve ever seen…

Yes will do. Not fun to set records like this. Am gathering data so we have a good case vs the utility.



Just know the Sense community is rooting for you. Let us know if we can help further.

Hey All, I’m new to Sense as of the end of Dec 2019. I have two separate power panels so I have two Sense units (with two separate logins). As a Retired AF Electronics person with 30 years of service I feel I have a good grasp on how Sense is working. It’s similar to signature analysis of microcircuits. Most Sense users will not understand this concept and this can drive frustration when hoping Sense is going to magically identify all the variants of items using your power. With that said, I’ve been reading through some of the treads and my statement above is proving true. Most will not understand why they cannot do the identifying of the items that are appearing on their graphs. All I’m hoping is that the team at Sense is reviewing the make/model info when load it against the items identified.

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