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Welcome Denis!

New member, installed my sense about a month ago. I’ve got an all electric house with abnormally high usage every month and would love to see what’s cause this, and if there’s anything I can do. We average about 5100 kwh per month, which is down quite a bit from what it used to be.

I’m Pat, new member and just installed Sense on June 30th.
On my roof is 9.6 KW of panels feeding a SolarEdge inverter, just three years old and almost performing as advertised! I’m hoping to get a handle on the grid’s ON-OFF peak loads as on peak is 2-1/2 times the off peak rate and never when the sun is shining!
My electrician days began 55 years ago so I installed Sense myself, very simple. These days I’m retired but enjoy helping folks with their air and water purification needs.

Not sure what the BBQ topics are all about but seems to be a theme or hobby here. Back in the day I’d cook for the company picnics and golf outings, about 200 hungry tummies to feed. Prime rib was the most popular, a great compliment came when the lady said “I don’t like prime rib…” and told me why. So I treated her cut a little special, smallest roast, end cut, well done but dipped in boiling beef broth. She came back for seconds! I still enjoy cooking especially on the grill.


Welcome Pat!

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Hello everyone my name is Kennedy and I just started using Sense for almost a week now. I would really love to ask everyone a couple special questions about how I can help Sense ID things. I just don’t know how to post in here. Can someone please take a sec to show me how to post my specific questions? Thanks so much!



Hi, I’m Ron
Retired Military Communications/Electronics Technician. New Sense user in South Texas. Still on the fence on it’s usefulness and ability to “discover” items.


Hi, I’m Kara. We installed Sense because our free solar monitoring was going to be ending soon and we decided we’d rather do it ourselves than pay for the service. It looks like Sense has great potential to give us a lot more insight into our energy usage than we had before. Now we just need to figure out how to use it!

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Hi, Kennedy, and welcome to the community! Here’s a brief guide to using Discourse, which is the software for our community forum. It includes tips on getting involved in discussions.


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I have a question. How do you post!? I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I see a way to reply, but not to actually post anything.

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Welcome @jonfitztv ,

You can post a new question, wishlist request, or open a new discussion on a Sense related topic by hitting + New Topic in the upper right. But try searching using the looking glass first to see if there are any similar topics / threads.


There it is! Thanks. Eyes skipped over that a thousand times.

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For the love of God, how does one create a new topic in this forum?

BTW, my name is E :+1:t3: Happy to be here.


Look for the + New Topic on the upper right. You should be able to start one now.

Howdy, Y’all! New user here. I recently connected solar to my house and was curious to better understand exactly what was being produced (in comparison to my inverter) compared with what I was consuming from the grid. This smart little gadget seems to be doing the trick, although I just installed it today. Still waiting on the 48-hour analysis for the detection of power hogs, but this should give me a better idea of exactly what is going where. I was a little concerned / confused on whether or not to place the main clamps above or below the tap from solar, so interested in understanding the difference - even though both configs are “acceptable”.
I also would like to see a way to train my Sense to known systems - I have 3 AC units, so I am not sure if I can rename them just yet. I am just excited to get my head around this for once.

Welcome to the community ! You’re asking many of the same questions most new astute Sense user ask. Gonna offer this link as a more technical view on how Sense works.

Once you understand the fundamentals, it’s easier to understand what part humans can’t train Sense on, and what part they can’t.

I am David, and I live in Suburban Toronto. I have been considering the purchase of Sense for at least one year now and I finally made the plunge. My desire to install Sense on my panel comes from the fact that my electric company account constantly shows my house as the largest electricity consumer in the neighbourhood. I know that much of this is due to both my wife and I working from home, but when we were still the outlier electricity wise during the pandemic, I decided I needed to understand how we are wasting so much money on electricity and hoping that awareness will help us reduce our usage.

I am a bit of a Tech Junkie and have a combination of Z-Wave and Google Home / Nest devices throughout my house controlling most of my lights and other devices. I promptly associated Sense to my google home but have yet to dig into that more than associating it.

I have had Sense running for 6 days, to which I have detected AC, coffee maker, my hue lights due to the hue integration, one burner of my stove 3x based on settings, my garage fridge and beer fridge but not my main fridge (sigh)… and surprisingly the blower of my furnace as long as AC isn’t on?!?

I am looking forward to seeing more devices appear and unraveling the mysteries of the devices that are identified.

Nice to meet everyone and I expect to spend some quality time on this forum.

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Sense user since 2019, with two devices installed in two different homes (one a rental). Generally a very good experience.

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Welcome @redlow and Happy Sensing! Like many things powered by data, Sense is a learning device. This means that when you first install your Sense, it may take a few weeks for devices to appear. Over time, as Sense begins to see many repetitions of devices working in your home, it will learn what many different appliances are, and begin to name them. In the average home, Sense typically detects 20-25 devices by the 6-month mark. So keep an eye out for your main fridge!


Welcome to the community!


Greetings - I am the Director of Engineering for fellow EIP company, Sparkfund.
I love tinkering with tech and am always happy when I get my hands on products like Sense.
My decision to give Sense a go was less about wrapping my head around energy usage and more about trying to investigate some suspected power quality issues. Many products out there seem to generally focus on the usage only and do not have any provisions for monitoring incoming voltage in the same way that Sense has chosen to address it. While using two slots in my breaker panel for Sense does seem like a lot of real estate, if it stops my LEDs from blinking randomly and suffering premature deaths, it will be worth it.

I have 2 Nest thermostats, a handful of Echoes, and a MyQ garage door opener. I am sadly missing a Clapper from my repertoire, but I am hopeful that this gap is finally filled in the not so distant future.

Georgia style barbeque is probably my favorite largely because there is not a major commitment to a specific sauce, but the sauce is still important. Texas-style is a close second, though, since it’s tough to go wrong there. Carolina style also has a special place in my heart too… I just really like barbecue.