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I love Sense! Been a customer since July 2016 (was part of the original Early Adopter program), just shows how I installed Sense and found it incredibly useful over the years! However, I recently added Solar and its utility is at least an order of magnitude better - that and I (at long last) put the primary sensors on the utility feed lines directly - versus the interior sub-panel! For the first time I can see EVERYTHING!

One thing that I wish Sense would add is the “Net Production” metric on the web app. I love the iOS app and it shows there, but occasionally I’ll jump onto home[.]sense[.]com for a more “big screen” experience. Seems like a fairly simple addition, but adding the “Net Production” number to the home[.]sense[.]com/solar page would be a fantastic addition.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!


So what hoops do I need to jump through before I can ask a question? I’m stuck on installing solar sensors and you don’t have support on Sunday so I came here to find the answers and I’m not allowed to post a question and have no idea what I need to do before I can. So firstly, you should probably address that policy, which literally no other support forum I have used requires. I don’t want to introduce myself, I simply want answers to the issue I’m experiencing… at the weekend… when I have time to address them.


Welcome to the community @dogfather and @gstewart! Thanks for your feedback @gstewart, I will pass this along to the appropriate parties within the Sense Team. If you have any further questions or suggestions please let us know!

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Hi, I’ve just joined the community after having solar panels installed on my house and having Sense installed in my electric panel. Still getting the hang of the app and trying to learn as much as I can. BTW I’m an architect and have been wanting to do solar for a long time. Staring at data is kind of a passion of mine. Looking forward to seeing Sense start pulling data from my house.

Welcome @stevegoodmansen,

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the New User Resources Guide (link below)

Fresh eyes always help. TIA

Mark, did you ever get your readings resolved?
Sadly, there are YouTube channels showing “how to install Sense” that have it all wrong, don’t follow them! I suspect you have one or more of the CTs out of phase.

Hi I’ve had sense since June. It stopped working in September.

I’ve been working with support since and so far all i learned is that i have to re-pair it every few hours.

If this didn’t fixed soon, i will be very upset

Hey @andrew6, someone from our Support team should be reaching out to you today.

Hi all, I work for the power company. 12 years as a lineman and three years in the control room. I’ve had my sense somewhere around 3 years and finally hooked it up less than a week ago… My Sense has already found 9 devices. I have three breaker boxes, two AC/heat pump’s, two emergency heat strip units and two hot water heaters. Sense is telling me that I consume more power than the average sense user :man_facepalming:. I’m a tech nerd and am excited about this device for future troubleshooting and all the information it’s already giving me. I’m unable to get a power quality graph so far but I figure that will come soon. We use a device similar to these in the field for customers with repeating problems but it’s a recording device that you leave on for a week or so then collect the device and sift through the data. I don’t really have a lot of smart devices, two Honeywell smart thermostats and a handful of cheap plug in smart outlet switches. All my lighting is LED. I like dry rub mesquite smoked barbecue and don’t mess it up by pouring bbq sauce all over it!


Welcome @S-M-I-L-3-Y ,
Good to have a power line pro joining the community ! Hope you can bring your expertise to some of the complicated questions that crop up here.

Don’t be too worried about not seeing Power Quality info. The stuff under Sense Labs hasn’t been fully productized. Occasionally the Power Quality graphs stop updating - you’re not the only one affected, but Sense is aware.

Power quality lab - graph not up-dating


@kevin1 Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m glad to be here and would be glad to help out if my expertise is needed. Thanks for the heads up on the power quality graph. I’m not to worried about it, I actually didn’t know Sense had that feature along with loose neutral detection and motor stalls. This is quite the helpful tool. I’m m beginning to research solar now, seems like a good bit of the Sense community has solar.

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Welcome to the community @S-M-I-L-3-Y!

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@JuliaAtSense thank you! I’m glad to be here :grin:

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