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I did just now set an alert. They seem to start around 9am and go until about 7-8AM. They last up to 10 minutes. I was able to reproduce at my thermostate by setting the heat up which activated step 1 and 2 (which as i understand step 2 is emerg heat). When in step 1 and 2 is when the spike occurs. At just step 1 it seems to be the expected wattage pull (around 3-4K watts or so).

3-4kW for a heater? do you have a multi-stage heat pump OR baseboard strip heaters? those would use a lot of power like that… but a normal conventional hvac heater using nat gas should be less than 500W… my simple rooftop unit only uses 160W with a natural gas heater, single stage…

Hello Everyone here at Sense!! My name is Joe and I go by the name Joeteck. Look me up. I have been chosen by Sense months ago to do a product review of this product! I purchased the device on Amazon at first, and it took many weeks to have Sense realize that Amazon sent a return that wasn’t reset. But I digress. Then they requested me to return it to Amazon nad they would send one for free with The Solar option. I will be posting a question in the Solar section because as of right now, sucks terrible. I cant get it to work. App is horrible to setup Solar.

To make a long story short, the review is complete. Great product, until Solar.

Any way, thanks for any response. I will be a continue to be a contributor

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Hi All, my name is Kris. I just purchased my sense and am eager to get it set up. I ran into some issues and am looking forward to posting some pictures to get some thoughts on how to get it up and running. I recently purchased a home and energy prices have doubled 6months after the purchase so trying to be wiser on my electric usage and ultimately make a switch to solar!

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Welcome to the community @stalliontrail!

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Hello! We installed sense flex ~1.5 months ago and I figure it is time to start decipering devices and energy usage. We have a large home, fairly new to us (1.5 years), and the previous owners didn’t give a hoot about energy usage. We are looking to reduce usage and get solar in the next 1-5 years. It looks like Sense needs a lot of help figuring out devices, which is fine. We are tech people and we weren’t expecting “magic”. The “AC” (in Dec?) is probably our main (propane) furnace, lol. Except we have 2 systems (where’s the other?). Hasn’t recognized the fridge, except when we turned a 2nd one on for 2 weeks over the holidays. We have 3 pumps - 1 is likely the well pump, another might be part of the dishwasher (which is a separate device as well) and the 3rd might be the washing machine. “Heat 1” has neglible usage. It does recognize the microwave and water heater. Hasn’t figured out either of our 2 ovens though. I’m happy to use smart plugs and circuit breakers (and excel) to try and figure it all out. I’m hoping there are similar technical/community experiences here.

Welcome @drtfrazier !

As a techie, I think you’ll have some fun from what you see from Sense, plus learn much more about your usage. Three things I would suggest for folks who want to get the most out of their Sense

  • Patience and a bit of sleuthing - both of those should help you to identify and detect most of the big ticket items in your house. But every houses’ detection “mileage” varies - native detection (including EV detection) finds 8 of the biggest 9 users in my house with the other one coming from a smart plug (actually switch). What’s detected is a function of the types of devices in your house and how well they fit the Sense native detection models, how noisy (or not) your house is and whether you can take advantage of other forms of detection (smart plugs, Hue integration, and Ecobee integration).

  • Use the “Sense New User Resources and Guides” to familiarize yourself with all the aspects of Sense.
    Sense New User Resources & Guides - #4

  • Read my thoughts on how Sense “native detection” works - It will give you a better idea of what devices Sense will find, and why.
    How Sense does “Native Detection” Work ? - User Perspective

Enjoy !

Thank you @kevin1 – I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
I will follow your suggestions!