New Members/Old Members: Introduce yourself!

What brought me here?
Questions on my Sense device accuracy, insight and common experiences incase anyone has expertise to offer related to my questions.

How long have I been using Sense?
I don’t remember exactly, but defintely a few years. I recently moved into my first house, and have three months of data since my move.

Currently in school for HVAC certification in Massachusetts.

Other smart home tech?
Google Home, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smartthings, Philips Hue, LG Smart TVs, Yamaha network receiver, multiple Bang and Olefson BT speakers, smart ACs, MyQ garage door, Harmony remote, Smartthings motion sensors, Smartthings washer/dryer, August doorlock and doorbell cam, tons of smart lights from various companies, wifi connected Litter Robots, smart security cameras, Tile trackers, BT glucose meter for my diabetic cat… I could go on all day.

Favorite type of barbeque?
Good ole fashioned Weber grill on the patio in my backyard.

Post of Reddit or Twitter?
Nope, I have zero social media accounts, it’s toxic and I refuse to partake.

Introduce myself?
Okay. I live in Mass, first time homeowner, in my mid 30s, live with my GF of 5 years. We have kids, but only the furry kind, cats, and I love them more then anything in the world, including my GF, and she’s cool with that. I love my MK6 GTI, love having my own garage to work on it, and would spend all day in there if I could get away with it, which I can’t.

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What brought you here?
Issues. Of course, issues using Sense.

How long have you been using Sense?
Since Oct 2022, 8 months now.

What do you do for work?
Retired from 1st software dev then management consulting then teaching.

What other smart home tech do you have?

What’s your favorite type of barbecue?
Haven’t had BBQ I have not liked. Some more than others, but which depends on the day.

Do you post on Reddit? Have a Twitter handle?
I use Reddit regularly. I have a twitter handle, but do not like or use it.

Introduce yourself!
Old guy and wifey living in an electric powered garden style condo / apartment.
Elec is our only energy source.
We use a Wiser Sense Monitor. Wiser because it was reasonably priced on eBay, and as far as I know functionally the same as all others. It came with solar bit that I did not use, until a few days ago when I wanted to learn more about my 3-zone ductless mini-split.
We use the mini-split as our primary heat and only AC source - which after being on for continuously for seven months is still undetected by Sense. I only use it about seven months a year.
Secondary heat source is active resistive electric.
Tank hot water.

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Welcome @USA_NH , did you choose to use your “solar” Flex Sensors on the mini split ?

Yes. A few days ago I put it on the mini split circuit, but the three heads are off right now, I don’t need heat or AC. Since doing so, I have learned the system’s phantom load is 38W.

All was good until, as the app requested, I changed the standby threshold to 39W. Once I did that the bubble for that dedicated circuit stopped being presented, but the wattage is not being accounted for in any bubble, so the sum of the bubbles is about 20W lower than the current wattage for everything. I don’t know why, but am hoping it corrects in a day or few.

You might consider that 38W as “phantom load”, but in Sense parlance, it is really an Always On load. When you set the Standby to 39W, that means you won’t see dynamic/bubble usage unless the mini-split uses more than the baseline Always On, used to power the controller and thermostats. And that 38W is part of your Always On bubble.

My name is Micah and I am new to Sense. Installation was a snap (although, I am pretty handy). The most challenging part was that my breaker box cover is flush to the wall, which means there was no punchout for the antenna. For now, I have it “squeezed” through the side of the cover. I am planning on drilling a hole in the cover to be able to properly mount the antenna.

I’m a software developer and lead a team within DevRel for an application security company called: Snyk.

I have Alexa’s all over the house, scads of smart bulbs, smart vents to manage airflow at different times and during different seasons in the house and a bunch of smart plugs.

I’m a big fan of the Kansas City burnt ends (meat marshmallows).

I’m here because I had a great experience identifying and merging devices in the Sense app and I wanted to share it. But, that will be another post.

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Hi, I’m Scott, a new Sense Solar user in Kentucky. Trying to post a new thread in Technical Information for insight into something that doesn’t seem right to me but that support has indicated is working as expected. Guess I need to post a few replies before I can get access. So Hi!

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Hey Scott, welcome! I saw your other post and approved it. It’s live now. If anymore get hung up we’ll be sure to release them quickly


My name is Dave. I just installed Sense about a week ago. I am having some seeming inconsistencies with what is being reported. I will try to find appropriate categories to post my questions and experiences.Glad there is a user discussion forum. I hope it is active. :o)

Looking forward to a fun data experience. ;o) I got my first device notification email this morning. I recognized my coffee maker (Keurig), LOL.