New Washer/Dryer

Perhaps a stupid question but…

My washer/dryer went out on me so I bought a new set (not installed yet)

Assuming in Sense I should remove the existing dryer (not sure it ever detected the washer).

Also this washer has the capability of plugging its AC power cord into the dryer which in turn plugs into 220V. For sense should I keep the 110 in the 110 outlet and dryer in the 220? It is common to run them both at once, which may confuse Sense. So I am probably going to do separate outlets.


I would wait on deleting the old dryer device until you try out the new dryer. Many of these things are similar internally. My 20+ year old dryer and new dryer were detected under the same sense device model.

The pass-thru outlet likely just connects between one of the dryer legs and neutral, so it’s no different than plugging into a regular 110v outlet. Sense will need to do just as much work differentiating between the two devices with either wiring scenario.

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Thanks, good advise