Newbie detection

That does sound like a pump. If it is float regulated then when the water drops low enough. It turns off. Usually just takes a few seconds


Now I have an other bubble and that seems to be HIGH (value of AC). So I suspect motor1 and heat1 are not the AC

I will hold off naming them until I am certain

The app says 34% that Heat1 is a slow cooker which I don’t have. The only thing generating heat is: Dryer, Coffee Maker, dishwasher and maybe microwave

Btw I greatly appreciate your help!!!

So 2 days and 2 devices detected. Thats good. I read that it cane take days or weeks to discover.

Power does tend to be very clean in my area, which should help. The electrician did an amazing job not only installing it BUT (which is why I hired him) to do an overhaul of my panel. It was a mess before.

You could also unplug that pump long enough to test.
Yes, In high humidity there is a lot of humidity being pulled out of the air.

Not at those power levels, much too low.

something interesting just happened…

I have noticed this as long as I have had this new AC unit (3-4 years). I can hear the air coming out of the vent if i’m right near one which I am now in my office. I have always noticed the the air flow “sounds” like it is increasing and decreasing. I know that seems weird but I can tell something is different in the airflow.

This increase and decrease seems to correlate to motor1. This is defiantly consistent now.

So the outside AC unit is just the compressor. Under the house is the furnace and all the fans/blowers that send the air through the duct work. Could this fan or blower be motor1?

When the condensate pump is running, it is sucking air and pushing it outside. Go hold your hand in front of the pipe outdoors and see if you feel cold air in addition to water when the pump is on.
This is the reason I don’t like these pumps.
You need the water to drain but losing air is not the best.
One more thing. Pumps are only needed when the air handler is below ground level, so a basement situation.

You could also have a variable speed air handler fan.

Thanks. VERY hard to get to. The main guts of the furnace and fans etc are under the house in the crawl space. If by the weekend no answers, perhaps then I can do it.

Regarding the variable speed air fan, I suspect that could be it. But how can I be sure. It does seem to correlate to motor1.

I will keep a close eye on this


I googled variable fan speed in ac / forced air systems. The top hits came up with Goodman units. Guess what I have?

Here is an article which probably explains it:

So I’m thinking of naming “motor1” to be something like Hvac Fan or something like that.


It very week could be that air handler fan. Having an ecobee thermostat (sure wish I did) would tell you for sure.
If you could correlate the turbulence noise you hear in the vent to when you see the wattage change on the timeline e, that could help.
Meaning, heat fan change speed.
Part of the problem with those variable speed motors is a lot of times they are never detected. When they are, one speed will be detected but another speed won’t.
So say it’s running on high which most do in cooling mode, the fan is showing on in Sense, fan reduces speed and Sense indicates it’s off now when it’s actually still on.
This one may be tough for you to identify. It appears your going to ha e to do a lot of observation on this one.
Honestly, it’s fun to me!

You can also find out the wattage of any appliance by looking at the label. I think you said your air ha Siler is hard to get to but if you know the model then it can be googled.
The label will specify the voltage and the amperage. Multiply these two for wattage.

You’ll want to make sure this detection is in fact a 240 draw as that’s what most air handlers use.

Good luck my friend.
Expect to have Sense tell you all kinds of crazy things while it tries and fails to identify your loads.
Sense flat out refuses to allow you to edit your own device data!

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this. You absolutely can edit details about your devices.

You know very well what I mean.
I have nothing else to say about it.

Thanks Ryan

Btw more devices are being discovered.

Today it discovered and automatically named a device Fridge. Does that mean it was 100% confident (all other devices i got motor1 heat1 etc. Also a motor2 was discovered. I know Fridges have a motor. But could these be the same? If so what is the difference between Fridge and Motor2. They don’t come on at the same time.


Btw sam I got creative and tried to (with the ac off) manually turn on just the fan. Motor1 didn’t register. I need to do some more reading on this variable speed fan. Is it on the AC unit itself or under the house with the main blower fan is??

If you’re talking about editing detected devices, you can navigate to your Devices screen and click any device to edit details about it.

If you’re talking about manually teaching Sense what’s on in your home (which it seems like you’re insinuating), then you’re right. That is not possible and we have never said it was. It has been discussed at length on this forum why it’s not possible, but this is the most concise read on it: Why can't you train Sense?

The label will be on the outside of the metal box under the house. They are usually not difficult to get to for service purposes.

The fridge and motor will be different. When Sense thinks one is a “fridge”, it talking only about the compressor. While the compressor is also a motor, a motor has a different on/off signature.
The motor could still be a component of your fridge. Maybe a fan motor or the ice maker motor. Those are really low wattage though and I’d check elsewhere l.
When Sense names something, it’s not 100% sure or accurate. Just based on what it sees and compared to others, this is the best guess.

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