No access to the power meter

About a month ago, my laptop (where my Firefox browser runs) croaked and I no longer have access to the meter. As previously noted, I can’t run the power meter from the Sense app. If i try to use my web browser it insists I install the app, even though it is already installed.

Please find a way to allow me to run the power meter from Firefox on android.

Carol Schneider

I would suggest submitting a ticket to support to assist in solving your issue, you could also try using Chrome.

Not sure what extra features you see from browser. I can see power meter from trends in the sense app too. However app does not provide buttons for one week, month etc. I still can manually zoom in and out of the meter for selection. Anyways, If you want to use mobile browser, go to home page, Instead of clicking on login link, keep it pressed and open in a new tab. It would open in browser instead of app. Same trick also works for YouTube and other apps. Hope it helps.

My trend info on the Android is there but it does not show negative values like I get on the web meter

Since I combine the generation and consumption info on the same circuit I see positive when generating. I see negative at night when all I do is consume.

BTW: My negative numbers result from a combination of Solar (positive) and consumption (negative) by car charger, well pump and pressure pump😐

Carol Schneider


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You are right. The app truncates negative going power in the power meter. The web view doesn’t.

The Web app is not accessible from mobile devices at this time. That is odd about mobile not showing negative values while Web App does. I’ll pass it along to the team.

This is a bit of a hack, but you can try something like this:

I’m not sure what you can get from the data but on Thu, July 4 at 10 Amish we had a 6.4 earthquake. On Fri, July 5 at 8Pmish we had a 7.1 earthquake.
I lost my deep well tank on the 6.4 quake. No other problems except I lost power for about 10 min following both quakes.

Hope this is interesting for you all.

Carol Schneider