Not exactly a subliminal message


I really wish there was an “I already own the damn thing” option to click on for internet ads. :shushing_face:


Yikes. I will bring this to the team’s attention! We’re aware of some issues with AdRoll and are working on getting them fixed.

In the meantime, this should help:


But doesn’t this just opt you out of all AdRoll clients and not just Sense? At least that’s what it appears to be, yet it is entirely possible my coffee intake isn’t enough at the moment. :slight_smile:


I believe that would just opt you out of the ads you click the Ad Choices button on. Still, it’s a less than ideal solution as we solve these AdRoll issues on our end.


Not that it’s entirely important as I know you’re marketing team is working on fixing it it from the other end, but it does seem to be an opt out of all of AdRoll managed ads after clicking triangle and going to opt-out options.

Related; which also lists AdRoll as all or nothing along with other advertisement companies.


Yeah, I did a bit more digging and I think you’re 100% correct. This is a bit outside my normal domain.


And now 5 individual Sense ads on the same home page for me. :smiley:


I see Sense ads all the time. I try to ignore them like most ads I see on the web, but that orange color just catches the eye.


It does, kind of like the Home Depot orange or for those in the Massachusetts area the old Grossman’s color.

There also seems to be a resurgence of very annoying moving ads which is making things more in your face overall. In my original Boston Herald image the top ad dropped down from the top pushing all of the page content down before it collapsed to a shorter overall height. At the same time the banner ad at the bottom scrolled up until I clicked a “Close” in the upper right of it to minimize it.


Ha! Yeah, same here, as soon as I bought a Sense, the ads immediately started showing up everywhere the first time I disabled adblock for a little while. Thankfully, with adblock, it’s a non-issue. And there are definitely worse ads to be seeing. But yes, the state of internet advertising is a mess, and in this case an unfortunate inefficiency since no one has a good solution to detarget customers.


I get a lot of Facebook ads for Sense. It doesn’t bother me, but it’s probably a waste of your marketing dollars. Maybe filter out Facebook members who like the Sense page, if that’s possible?


It is. Unfortunately we’re dealing with an issue preventing us from implementing the proper ad behavior. It’s being worked on, but communicating across multiple companies can be…tedious, to say the least.


Yeah, agree with JS, the broken part of the targeted advertising model. Express any kind of interest and whomever paid most for a particular search word or a site reference/visit gets to feed you their adverts. The fingers run deep, almost no way to avoid them, and no way to say, hey, already have that, or no longer have an interest in that. Wasted marketing dollars. No way to detarget.


Personally I’d like to see you guys take a stand against targeted ads. You can’t opt out if all of them and then they track you, you clear your cache to disrupt some of this tracking and then you lose your opt outs.


I’ve wondered the same thing on Facebook.


I haven’t had a single ad