Sense New User Video

Sense should send out a welcome aboard video for homeowners to view while awaiting their kits.
An install video plus a what to expect video would really help. Especially one that mentions things like don’t think flipping off breakers will help.

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What to expect and, more importantly, what not to expect would also be FAR MORE HONEST marketing, but I guess that’s too much to ask.

I realize that what we see on these threads represent the folks having issues with Sense and taking the time and effort to communicate those, and we don’t see those (if indeed any) for whom it just works.

Anyone know of a “product review” published on this device?

Great point @michael.d.sullivan

There have been past discussions about the power of videos about the power of Sense (!) and there are actually some great videos but they are more directed toward “Wrapping your head around how detection works” vs “Sense is like a child, don’t expect it to thrive if you undermine its potential.”

I suspect @JustinAtSense & @RyanAtSense and the team will pick this up. I also suspect that Sense has been grappling with the difficulty of how to present their technology from Day 1. Recently I’ve been thinking of it as a chicken & egg problem. If you say “Our omelettes are tasty!” somebody is going to say “I ordered the chicken!”.

I won’t say more here and I’ll leave it to Sense to create a topic to keep this going, but it seems like a good time source ideas from the Community in this regard.


@RyanAtSense has mad changes over the last year and few months to some things on their website that I feel have improved expectations to more closely match real world use.
There are still things in marketing that portray a “best case scenario” look at what the possibilities can be.
I don’t want to say not to get hopes up because the monitor is not disappointing at all, it does everything I need it to.
But do have to be realistic and don’t skim or ignore the marketing when they say Sense won’t detect 100% of devices. Think more along the lines of 50%, which you’ll find to be a lot. Almost everyone will end up with at least of couple of the much wanted detections that never happen.

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Added this to a new thread just to track interest and thoughts on this suggestion. Thank you for sharing @michael.d.sullivan!

It just needs to have a great soundtrack, OK?


I feel like this was just a bat signal to get me to chime in :smile:


As a Gotham resident with a once-broken door buzzer I can admit to a likely over-concern about your input. :wink:

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I’ll let @JustinAtSense handle this convo, but my quick $.02, since you drew me in with the Eno/Byrne: early-stage educational content is something we’re thinking a lot about currently. I do think we have a wealth of good content out there, but there’s opportunity to bring it into the app in more ways (and add a bit more interactivity to it). I’m definitely eager to hear what all of you — the actual users! — think.

After recently having my monitor installed, I think there may be an opportunity here for a video showing a glimpse of every major part of the user journey from installation to the first few days in about 1-2 minutes (maybe even a compilation from existing videos?)

As @RyanAtSense mentioned, we’d love to hear what more users think here.

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