Some recent customer survey findings


Thought you might all like to check out some of what we learned in recent user survey we conducted. Thanks to any of you who participated!

Results From a Recent Customer Survey


Interesting responses.

Thanks for the transparency of posting everything, and not only publishing the “good” result questions as most marketing teams would prefer to do. It’ll be nice to see if you can drop the “does not meets” and “no behavioral change” figures over time. :beers:


In the interest of total transparency, we have something like 700 pages of the full survey data. These weren’t the only questions, but I thought they were the most interesting and relevant to some upcoming projects we’re doing.

I agree! :beers:


While I enjoyed reading the survey, I didn’t think there were enough questions about Sense itself.
I’m thinking of questions pertaining to before and after purchase.
Questions about satisfaction with the product for specific thing, mainly device detection.
Poll everyone on how many detections and length of ownership for an overall average.
The only question about sense was overall satisfaction. It’s seems like a question that’s loaded to me. I’m satisfied overall but there are aspects I’m not.


As I mentioned above, these were just a few of the questions we asked. There were many, many more and we’re still working our way through the data. The questions I picked out are all themed around something that I’ll be talking more about soon. In the future, it’s possible I’ll share a bit more from the survey.

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With the questions you shared, I also fell in with the crowd positively. I didn’t participate or know about the survey but would be interested seeing more of the questions and answers in the future, if possible.
What’s frustrating about detection for me is although I have 23 active with another dozen or so disappeared, most aren’t the ones I care about.
I’d be really happy with far less if I could choose.
But it doesn’t work that way.
I’m going to reset and think I’ll reset to factory so there is no trace of past data. I’m sure my results will be different next time around.