Numbers not adding up or label misleading

I am wondering why the number I see when going to settings → sense monitor don’t match up with the mains info Sense is giving:

Screenshot from 2022-06-26 13-34-22


Probably it is as simple as relabeling the term MAINS to LOAD since those numbers add up:
1696+133= 1829 watt

When I read the meter using zigbee aka the real mains value:
Screenshot from 2022-06-26 13-40-49

So either that label should be renamed to LOAD
or they should give us the real value of the mains CT there being a total equivalent to -13451 in my case.

You nailed it - The Mains in the Signals section is really the whole house load, not the measurement at the Mains, for solar users.

Sent an email to support.
re-label suggested.
Pointed them to this thread
added this: “Since the load info is already available elsewhere, it might be nice to put the real measurements of the mains CT’s at that settings → sense monitor.”


This is the answer I got from support

Kranti (Sense)

Jun 27, 2022, 15:11 EDT

Hi Danny,

Thank you for contacting Sense.

We checked the link, and we understand that the readings are not matching. We’re sorry for the inconvenience…

Upon review, we can see that there is a difference between the solar readings.

The issue is not that the solar sensors are unattached, but that their handles are being pressed against when the panel cover goes back on. When you remove the panel cover, the pressure is not there and they will close back fully when you look.

You will need to adjust their placements so that this does not happen again when you put the panel cover back on. You may need to flip either sensor to better account for this.

To see the individual sensor readings in the app, go to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor > Signals. Keep an eye on the two Mains values before, during, and after the panel cover comes off. If you notice either of the two readings balloons up as your remove the panel cover, but then shrink down immediately as you put it back on, then you know that the corresponding sensor is being pressed open.

Feel free to reach out after you make your changes and we can check again for you.
Sense Customer Support

Is this really the best Sense support can do ?
To me it sounds like they don’t ( try to) understand what I am asking.

Got another email today (4th of july).
I doubt anyone living/working in the USA would reply on a national holiday like 4th of july.
So my guess this person is not physically located in the USA.

Kranti (Sense)

Jul 4, 2022, 15:16 EDT

Thank you for your response.

We understand that you have sent us the request to change the name on your Sense account and we understand that we have asked you to check the CT by opening the panel. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

We requested you to open the panel and check the CTs as when we checked your Sense monitor as there were discrepancies in the readings. We have made the changes as per your request and we can see that your Sense monitor is working as expected.

Please feel free to reply to this email if you require any additional support or have any other questions.
Sense Customer Support

So now my request has been changed from a label change request to a change of the name of my account?
They requested me to open my panel (WHICH I DIDN’T) and suddenly everything is now HUNKY DORY?

Oh man…
I don’t know how to respond to this.

Totally utterly flabbergasted…

I think I will have to go higher up in the chain to address this.
This is not productive support.

I forget when, but Sense did start outsourcing their tier 1 support a while back. When Justin was at the company, he would try to help catch these issues in the forum and escalate. The premise of a Tier 1 support system makes sense for a fast growing company with increasing user base. Why have specialist helping people unbox and connect to wifi…Sadly it seems that the training of their Tier 1 teams does not include a good enough escalation path. My recommendation is that you specifically ask to have your ticket escalated.

It also never hurts to try to let upper managment know about things like this. You can try to message the co-founder on LinkedIn.



Thank you for sharing your feedback, we appreciate the good and the bad! I’m sorry that you had a poor experience with one of our support agents. Kevin’s comment was semi-accurate, we started to outsource our L1 tiered responses to ensure their all answered in a faster response time. But, we still have an internal escalation team in-house that’s here to support you along the way.

So that I have one of my senior support agents look into this matter closer, can you kindly supply your email address used to submit your ticket? You can also send any escalation to me at I’m the Director of Customer Success here at Sense.

I look forward to hearing back from you on this matter.



Thank you for your & your teams followup.
Very reassuring and very professional.

Looking forward to help and make Sense an even better product/experience for everyone and glad I was able to give (positively meant) feedback

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