Sense detects Mains and Solar flipped

I’ve been trying to figure this out but starting yesterday at noon sense stopped correctly detecting my solar and my main.
It’s showing that my Main is consuming what my solar generates
it shows that my Solar is generating what my Main consumes.

Why this flip happened, I have no idea. I haven’t opened or done anything to sense. it’s actually locked in the panel so I know no one messed with it.
I even went and opened to verify that the solar clips are where I had them and the main clips are at the main. Everything is as it always has been.

I have created a ticket with Sense and provided every single screenshot I can with clear description of what’s going on.
It should be pretty easy to see what happened or why from the back end.

Anyways after multiple requests and back and forth, I’m always being told that the issue is fixed… Nope, nothing, literally nothing is fixed. The exact same problem is there.

How do I explain to the sense support in that the solar is reading the mains for some reason and the mains are reading the solar?
This is VERY frustrating!

I’m now resetting it to factory because I give up asking support to help me via email.
The amount of time they take to reply takes about a day.
1 day for a reply of: The issue is fixed…
Then I reply with pictures and everything else just to get a reply the next day: The issue is fixed.
Rinse and repeat (the issue is still exactly the same).

Can someone from sense please help?
Can I get on the phone with someone?
I just reset my sense, can someone help fix it now?

an update.
after factory resetting the sense. it’s locked it to my account which I can’t log into since it no longer exists?
I sent sense and email to help but I expect no help until 24 hours later and even then I pray.

The product is amazing when it works but the support that sense has is literally #$@$ (censoring that part).

Please sense fix your support.
Please fix these issues
Please fix my issue with sense not working.

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Hi, user205, I’m sorry this has been a problem – thank you for posting these details here. I’ve flagged your post to our support team so they can help you sort it out.
(Sense community moderator)

Hey, user205, can you send me an email so I can put you directly in touch with a support team member who has read your post and can help? Thanks so much!

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sending email. ty

I have the same problem

Hi, leopalace, can you get in touch with our support team? You can send an email to Let me know how it goes.

can someone help me please

i have that same problem
when the sun increases its intensity simultaneously the consumption of the load increases without having anything connected

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Hola Carol
He intentado escribir al foro pero me resulta imposible
He traducido los comentarios de algunos usuario que le han sucedido lo mismo que ami y la verdad que me gustaría se solucionara mi problema.

Gracias por su recomendación.

I am seeing this issue as well.

If I look at my raw data I see that the “Mains” are negative when solar is off.

As soon as solar is on they jump positive and then move with solar values.

This was working up until this morning at 8 am.

I’m suspicious this is a firmware update or similar.

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I have all these same issues. Back and forth over email with support, time and time again they say “we fixed it on our end” but it’s never fixed. Been this way for weeks ever since an “API” outage. I’ve had it for 3 years without issues and no changes.

There’s clearly an issue with solar users that they’re not escalating to engineering, or at least ignoring.