Observations after combining 2x200A to 1x400A

Don’t get me wrong I’m willing to try it out, just seems there are easier alternatives, that does not require a new Sense device with three CT ports.

I’m still interested in hearing from LA area SCE customers that are running CT clamps on the 400A side?

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I connected the current clamps to the 400A circuit today.
Will the sense start learning by itself, or do I need to contact support and ask for help after swapping from 200A to 400A?

I can’t tell from your explanation whether you have already done it, but you probably need to get out of 2x200A mode and run setup again for using only a single pair of CTs, to go through the usually calibration and signal check. Once things are setup in the new config, I’m guessing that Sense will start learning again. If Sense detections are sensitive to which pair of 2x200A CTs they were found under, similar to how Sense differentiates detection on L1 vs L2, then many of your previous detections will have to be re-learned for the single pair CTs.

To be clearer, I drilled a hole and installed a rubber grommet between the service and user sides of the panel, powered the sense down, moved the CT’s from the 200A leg to the 400A supply side, and powered back on.

The reported usage was excessively high, seemed something was wrong, I cycled breakers one-by-one (in both 200A panels), and observed no drop in usage. When I cycled the solar feed breaker, the sense stopped reporting, as if it reset. I power cycled the sense, it came back online, and reported very low usage.

I decided to do a data reset, did the solar off-on dance, and solar started reporting, but usage stayed at 0. When I look at the device details I can see usage is -700W, assuming solar is feeding the grid, but the dashboard reports 0W usage and 3KW solar generation.

Something is funky, I contacted support and asked for help.

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@pieter, did you ever get this resolved?

I have a similar issue 400a single with solar. When I attempted to do my startup, my sense also stopped reporting consumption when I killed the solar. I suspected that the main and solar CTs were reversed (connected to the wrong ports) and asked the electrician to come back out to reconfirm everything. But if there is another issue, it would be nice to know before he comes back. Thanks.

Yes, I reported the issue to support, they corrected whatever was wrong on their side.

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So, I got my initial issue resolved. Turns out there was a phase error with my two inverters due to a wiring issue. Easily addressed by the electrician.

Following the resolution of that issue, I did a data reset and went through the startup procedure again. In the Monitor page, I now see exactly what I would expect:

Mains -2866 W -2899 W
Solar 4977 W 4967 W

However on the Now and Meter pages I see

<solar_symbol> 9945 <plug_symbol> 0

The mains number should be -5765 rather than 0, correct?