Devices not detected since adding flex sensors and switching to 400A split service

I’ve had sense for 5 years now. I have 400A split service (Two 200A service panels). Sense only supported 1 panel at the time so I hooked it up to the panel that serviced most of the devices in my house. The other panel has the upstairs bedrooms and 3 hvac units. My oven and dryer were detected pretty quickly. I started having issues with my HVAC units so I decided to reset the data and switched the clamps to the other service panel. The furnace blowers as well as the condensing units, heat pump and air handler were detected over time. I left it like this for a while.

When support for split service became available almost 2 years ago now, I bought the flex sensors and plugged them up. Most of the other devices that were detected before the initial reset were detected again but some were not and have still never been detected. Two of the devices the have never been detected again are my oven and dryer. Both of which were quickly detected before the reset and swap of the CT sensors.

Why have these not been detected again when they were previously quickly detected? Is the solar input for the second set of flex sensors not able to sample the data in the same way as the primary CT sensors? Is something else possibly up with my account that needs to be fixed?

You may be onto something with this question. I have seen a post from Sense on this forum which said that the flex sensors are calibrated differently than the primary ones, so we can be sure that there is at least some difference. I’ll go out on a limb with my next observation while trying to answer your question. Granted, I’m just hypothesizing with this next bit.

Someone mentioned that the reason for the 20-count limit on Kasa integrations is CPU capacity in the Sense monitor. That is, the chip that digests the raw data has very little free time. If the brain inside the orange box is already busy performing the complex calculations associated with disaggregation on data from the primary set of CT sensors, that would explain why it does not repeat those calculation on data from the flex sensors.

Hi there - I spoke to Data Science about your question.
In short, both sets of CTs will sample at the same frequency and accuracy. Detection should work just as well for split-service sensors. Based on your scenario, the lack of detections on the flex sensor monitored panel may have more to do with the types of devices on the panel.

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