Official API


I’m thinking that, too. My websocket connection rarely reconnects once the connection is going and has kept itself running just fine for weeks at a time. It’s only recently I’ve started seeing an impact on the real-time meter if my agent is also running.


Really want an API here too! Would be great to use the solar production to know if it’s a cloudy day and adjust internal lighting accordingly


wow, what a neat idea. like playing minecraft with your house :slight_smile:


The informal API details helped me head down a decent path to grab some data and hack things together. I’m by no means a developer/coder - but I do like my metrics! I pull the API and segment out details around my overall consumption as well as individual devices. I pull the web-socket for a few seconds and then kill the connection. I really just need a snapshot - wish there was a way to get a single polling of that data than a kill -9 on the script! :slight_smile:

But it does make for some fun graphs: