On Certain Number of Times notification?

Hello, my wife has left her iron on several times recently for multiple hours each time. Yesterday, it was on for 12 hours while we were out of the house. It has a special silicon pad it sits on so I’m not worried about burning the house down, but it is a big energy user. I setup a notification for if it’s on for 1 hour, but the problem is an iron cycles. So, how do I create a notification for something being on a certain number of times within a set time period? Attached is the power meter so you can see why a normal “on” notification doesn’t work. Thanks!!

Not Sense related, but my wife had the same issue. I bought her this, and now it can’t be on for more than an hour as this device turns off the outlet after 1hr.

It’s not a perfect solve for you, but you can set a custom OFF notification to alert you if a device has been OFF for a certain length of time. If you don’t get the notification, you’d know it was still running.

I’d also recommend a smart plug for cases like this. The ability to remotely turn the device off can be really helpful here (even if you don’t expect it to cause a fire).

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