Only 1 side of the mains

I happened to look at my Sense App this morning and noticed that my Sense was not reading right… upon full investigation:

  1. Sense quit recording data about 8:09pm the night before
  2. Sense Mains only reading left leg of power
    a. left leg power mains was negative reading
    b. left leg solar mains was normal reading, half of current solar production
    c. right legs, both mains, zero
    I went out, turned off Sense breaker, restarted 1min later…
    everything good after reboot…

anyone else have this issue or any issue similar? my sense has been running steady since about February…

Sense Monitor, firmware v1.20.2301-74412aa-master

Well, that’s certainly strange. I think the team will have to look at your data for this one. I’m assuming you haven’t open your panel recently or made any changes that could’ve messed with the CTs?

Reach out to Support here: