Overnight Weirdness

Anyone else have any strange issues overnight?

Around 4:05AM ET I received a Sense app pop up notification and email my Sense was offline. As I had suggested this about 15 months ago, I am again happy it worked.

However, that’s where the strangeness began.

Looks like everything stopped about 3:17PM.

I checked status.sense.com and everything looked ok.

Checked the forum to see if anyone else reported anything.

Tried to ping the local IP and timed out.

Assumed the unit was locked up - but why?

Turned the circuit breaker connected to sense off and back on about 4:49a.

Went back to computer and tried to ping the IP again yet timed out again.

So took the screwdriver and disassembled the front panel of the circuit breaker to get inside. Pulled the actual plug on the unit for 30 seconds about 4:54am and went back to my computers inside.

Had alerts that Sense found new Device 1 at 4:52am


Sense supposedly wasn’t working at 4:52am

Pulled up timeline again

Not sure how it found a device at 4:52am as clearly it’s not showing as operational.

And then when I click on the new Device 1 in Sense, it shows no activity.

I have so many questions and no idea where to even begin to explain all this.

Why would the unit lock up in the middle of the night with no power surges, no internet loss and nothing else falling offline.

Why did it not reconnect to WiFi after 4:49am reboot

How did it detect a new Device at 4:52am if not even operational.

What the heck is the new Device? Why is there 0 use on the new Device? How can it detect a new device that has no use?

I had no weirdness overnight so can only comment on your last question.

Your last question was about new devices which appear with zero usage history. I’ve been a Sense user for a little over two years, and at the beginning I got several of those. Later I think they implemented some algorithm at the mother ship to suppress such notifications. That algorithm was probably confused by whatever other weirdness you experienced, and as a result it failed to suppress the notification.

I don’t know much about this supposed algorithm. I deduce its existence because sometime between one and two years ago the notification about new devices was reworded. The notification used to say that Sense had found a new device. The reworded notification says that Sense has found a new device and it just came on. That is, the algorithm suppresses notification to the user of the existence of newly discovered devices until the first time this new device turns on.

The algorithm is a good thing. Once or twice when I got the new device notification with zero usage history, I immediately deleted the device. I assumed that it was trash since it was blank. I have since regretted those hasty deletions, as I think one of them was my oven. My oven has not been detected even though it meets detection criteria, probably because it was detected but was deleted by the user. I would recommend you configure a notification for your new definition When Device Turns On, and then wait several months to see what happens. If it has not fired after that time, then deleting it would be appropriate.

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I have waited several months on multiple detections this year that have never been detected on again.