Peak Power consumption


It would be nice to get the peak power used for a range of dates. This would allow us to better size our standby generator needs.

It might also be helpful to get this number for daytime peak vs nighttime peak (as specified by hours specified or dynamically by latitude and/or solar production measurements) so we know what our needs are.

And add to this (just to be complete) our daytime effective peak when subtracting out the solar production.

Please add "Average startup peak" to device stats

Yes, peak would be great. Seasonal would be nice for heating season vs cooling season. I bought our Sense specifically to help with generator sizing.


One other thing. The peaks should be able to show the peaks for each of the 2 phases of power. This would allow better balancing of each phase for 240v generators, batteries etc. There may be other benefits as well.


Please consider adding something like an Avg Startup Peak to the device stats page to show the inrush current of a hard starting device. There is an example attached. This is helpful for those of us using the Sense for generator planning or power conservation during a power outage when running on generator.

Thank you for the consideration.