Phantom Dishwasher

Sense successfully identified my dishwasher several months ago. Today a new device/bubble has appeared,
with a name (assigned by Sense) ‘Dishwasher 2’. It’s on all the time, bouncing between 1W and 30W, and definitely not related to my dishwasher.

Also, I did not get a new device found notification.

Ghosts in the machine?

Did you tell Sense that this device is not on through the phone app?

I did not tell Sense that the device is not on - but can do. Or maybe I could just delete it.

How do I know the device is not on? It could be another device other than a phantom dishwasher that I don’t own. Maybe it’s a compressor or something else?

I certainly appreciate your fast response, and suggestion. Both approaches seem to me like sweeping the problem under the carpet, and not really helping me, you or Sense know why phantom devices appear and fluctuate their W. I’ve had similar occurrences (like a coffee maker staying ‘On’ forever and fluctuating between 1W and 40W).

I’m going to let it bounce around for a while…

I opened a support case and got a fast (thanks, Abby, at Sense support!) and interesting response, “When we looked into this device from your web app view, we could see that it had back reported being on since September. It is odd that it wouldn’t notify you of its discovery, but the fact that looking back through your device runs I’m not able to see evidence of it leads me to believe that it is indeed newly discovered, just without the notification. This may be because it is the idle wattage of a device that is consumed while that device is not on but Sense still associated it with another discovered device. Or it could be because of some changes that we rolled out to device detection today. Either way, we hope more time and data will help to solve this mystery.”

Update: this phantom device remained ‘on’ for an entire month. I never figured it out. It turned to ‘off’ with last night’s firmware update, and is still ‘off’.

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