Poll - how many Ws does your solar Inverter use at night?

Please answer 3 questions

  1. How many Ws does your solar use at night on average?
  2. Do you have a regular or micro inverters? How many?

My system used about 30W on average last night (my first with Sense).
I have a Solar Edge StorEdge inverter (for 8 panels) plus 24 x Enphase Microinverters for 24 panels. All panels are LG 385s.

Between 6-8W. 30x 265W QCells panels with 15x APS micro-inverters.

11 watts for a 17 SunPower micro-inverter system installed in mid 2018.

@vivek_sunderam I got 40x 335LG Panels/IQ7 40x Inverters…and my constant draw at night is around 17-20Wh when it’s completely dark. So I would say >0.1kW total for one night.

My System:

My inverters use 0. My “gateway” that connects and manages all of the microinverters uses 5 watts.

I have a regular SolarEdge inverter. My Sense reading fluctuates between 0 and -3W throughout the night. If I download my Solar Production, I see 0.001kWh/h so 1W average usage.

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I have a storedge solaredelge inverter. It uses about 20W during nighttime. My LG chem battery is discharged to 98% every night.

Sense reports in real-time that I’m producing -8 W throughout the night.

The next day I get an email from my inverters that gives me the day’s total production. That is usually around 300W - 500W higher than the day’s solar production as reported by Sense.

I have two SunnyBoy string inverters.

~7 watts at night. 4 regular Sunnyboy inverters with 132- 185 watt panels.

My 15kw SolarEdge inverter pulls -3W off hours. This is inline with the manual which states > 4W

The StorEdge spec sheet says it ought to use < 5W. I’m surprised yours uses 20W (although some of the 20W may be the Enphase network device). After I net out 13W for 24 micro inverters (seems reasonable based on the poll results above) I’m likely at the same 20W level.

2009 vintage Xantrex converter on a 4.2kW solar system: 2W standby at night (displayed as -2W “production” ;)).

(Liefetime solar production ~63MWh so far :))

1 - 2 watts. 5,500 watt array/inverter. As oriented peaks at 5 KW. Solar City/Tesla.

mine uses 3-4 watts, mostly 3. Its the gateway and network stuff. I have a SMA sunny boy.

My 3 Delta inverters draw about 3-4 watts total by my 2 Powerwalls draw about 20-25 watts each for “maintenance”.

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I have 24 SunPower microinverters, and am showing -7W at night. But I believe this isn’t the microinverters themselves that draw the power, but rather, the SunPower monitor that’s always on and transmitting data via wifi to their cloud service (which by the way is terrible, usually reporting several hours late and with only hourly granularity).

SolarEdge 5kW HD-Wave Inverter with power optimizers (16 panels) uses 2-3 watts at night.

My SolarEdge 6k HD-Wave is showing -4W at night.

I really wish Sense would just add this to Always On, or (better yet) immediately detect this negative production as an Inverter device.

My Enphase shows -3 to -4 watts at night.

SolarEdge SE10000H HD-Wave

As soon as the production goes to zero, for about 15 mins it shows -7W. Then after that it bounces between 0W to -1W for about an half hour. Then shows 0W until the morning.