Poll - how many Ws does your solar Inverter use at night?

Please answer 3 questions

  1. How many Ws does your solar use at night on average?
  2. Do you have a regular or micro inverters? How many?

My system used about 30W on average last night (my first with Sense).
I have a Solar Edge StorEdge inverter (for 8 panels) plus 24 x Enphase Microinverters for 24 panels. All panels are LG 385s.

Between 6-8W. 30x 265W QCells panels with 15x APS micro-inverters.

11 watts for a 17 SunPower micro-inverter system installed in mid 2018.

@vivek_sunderam I got 40x 335LG Panels/IQ7 40x Inverters…and my constant draw at night is around 17-20Wh when it’s completely dark. So I would say >0.1kW total for one night.

My System:

My inverters use 0. My “gateway” that connects and manages all of the microinverters uses 5 watts.

I have a regular SolarEdge inverter. My Sense reading fluctuates between 0 and -3W throughout the night. If I download my Solar Production, I see 0.001kWh/h so 1W average usage.

I have a storedge solaredelge inverter. It uses about 20W during nighttime. My LG chem battery is discharged to 98% every night.

Sense reports in real-time that I’m producing -8 W throughout the night.

The next day I get an email from my inverters that gives me the day’s total production. That is usually around 300W - 500W higher than the day’s solar production as reported by Sense.

I have two SunnyBoy string inverters.

~7 watts at night. 4 regular Sunnyboy inverters with 132- 185 watt panels.

My 15kw SolarEdge inverter pulls -3W off hours. This is inline with the manual which states > 4W

The StorEdge spec sheet says it ought to use < 5W. I’m surprised yours uses 20W (although some of the 20W may be the Enphase network device). After I net out 13W for 24 micro inverters (seems reasonable based on the poll results above) I’m likely at the same 20W level.

2009 vintage Xantrex converter on a 4.2kW solar system: 2W standby at night (displayed as -2W “production” ;)).

(Liefetime solar production ~63MWh so far :))

1 - 2 watts. 5,500 watt array/inverter. As oriented peaks at 5 KW. Solar City/Tesla.

mine uses 3-4 watts, mostly 3. Its the gateway and network stuff. I have a SMA sunny boy.

My 3 Delta inverters draw about 3-4 watts total by my 2 Powerwalls draw about 20-25 watts each for “maintenance”.

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