Solar producing overnight?



I’ve had Sense solar installed for about 24 hours now so this may just be part of the adjustment process, but it seems that Sense thinks my solar is producing electricity overnight. I’ve also noticed a significant change in electrical usage in the home though not much has changed here. Is this just a massive calibration adjustment that will go away in a few days or is somehow the solar feed reading both on home usage and production? (screenshot below)

Is there a support number I can call?

Check your CT clamps. Make sure they are facing in the same direction and make sure you have not accidentally clamped an extra wire.


CT Clamps as in the ones on the solar? they are definitely facing the same way and only clamping a single wire per.


It’s odd, now we are going into negative territory…


Now one thing when it first turned on that I thought was weird, it asked me to turn off and on the inverter (I have micro inverters so not possible), it did just blow through those steps on the app as if I had turned it off and then on again. It was also early in the AM so not much power was being generated.


You have to go through the steps. I have micro inverters too. Just wait out the 15 min. for them to come back online. Do you not have a disconnect at the main service? Use that if you do. If not flip the breaker that supports the solar array. You have to do this while generating power. If it fails, contact tech support and they will walk you through. Once you are up and running you won’t have real time but pretty great response from the system. Don’t expect to see much for 30 days. If you have an EV and its not a Tesla it probably won’t recognize it at this time. Lot of great threads on the status of that.


I can flip the solar breaker during production time in tomorrow’s daylight, but no, the sense leads for non solar are connected on the main feed from the street before the meter so without bribing my local power guys again for tags I can’t touch those.


It is pretty strange though, it thinks I’m producing almost the same amount of power I’m consuming though it’s dark at the moment.


I need some of those moonlight activated panels.
I use AC at night but am not able to get the moonlight panels to generate at night.

Just kidding,

You absolutely have to turn off/ on your inverters,. I have micro-inverters also and they have calibrated exactly.


Yeah, I’m waiting to hear back from support, the FAQ tells me I need to contact them if I have micro inverters.

What was odd is that the app thought I turned it off and on again, didn’t even give me a chance to reach over to the switch.

Hopefully support can get back to me as there seem to be quite a few issues with my install though they are probably all stemming from the solar portion.


Try calibrating solar again. I had to do this 3 times before the solar was identified.


I don’t seem to see a button initialize calibration, is that just factory reset Sense?


I think that is what i did. You will have to do the entire setup again.


It seems there is an ability to do that from the solar part on the phone app.

I did not go very far as I did not want to disconnect my solar.


If you go to Settings > Sense Monitor and tap Solar, it will bring you through the calibration process again.


@RyanAtSense Thank you, done and this time it took an appropriate amount of time as well as required turning off and back on the feed unlike the first round of setup. Let’s see if it does better.



Great. Definitely let us know. I’m sure I’m not the only curious one here.


@RyanAtSense, it seems to be working much better now. My theory on what happened based on all the other related topics is since we installed the Sense device early in the morning there was not enough initial current so the first calibration was confused which is why it didn’t wait for the off and back on for the solar sensors. I’m still getting a small reading overnight but it’s around 3 to 4 watts from the solar. I’m not sure if since I live in a suburban area with ambient light if the 23 panels would actually generate a little power from that or not. Suppose I’ll watch the moon cycle and see if it increases near the full moon.

Now let’s see how good the device detection is, we do have quite a lot going on for power draw.

Side question, shouldn’t the network discovery be pretty quick?


My solar has a steady reading of 4 watts at night, every night, since day 1.
We’re in Governor Moonbeam state. :grinning:


Adding 1000x more panels and you could have a decent after hours supply of juice.


Sense had been reporting soar generation correctly since installation a couple of months ago but it had started reporting consumption as soar production since yesterday.
It even shows soar production at 2am.