Solar reporting production at night

My solar reports anywhere from 3 to 5 watts of power at night. I’m assuming this is because the gateway and micro inverters use some power and the solar CT clamps can’t see what direction the power is flowing. It’s there anyway to have sense subtract this constant power usage from production and move it to always on so I’m not seeing solar “production” at night?

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It used to do report negative production. I think a few users have reported this. Mine started near the end of January. Mine doesn’t show production all night long, it will show production for 10-20 mins then usage then production. Does this all back and forth all night long. I opened a support ticket.

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Yeah, I have a little power-use display actually on the sub-panel the solar comes in thru and it shows positive power at night too, but it’s a dumb unit that doesn’t understand it’s wired to a circuit that has a 240v and a 120v side. Perhaps if I put it it’s CT on the other hot leg it would show negative. But that’s a someday thing.

mine has negative readings later in the evening and early in the morning before the inverter wakes up. Shows as a -ive number

Mine hasnt been right for awhile now. Reports 2W production all night long.

Pretty clear mine started on Jan 26th

Isn’t that showing -2W (minus 2 watts)? Mine shows minus 4 watts at night, due to the inverters needing mains voltage as a keep alive voltage, and to synchronize frequency, etc. As I understand it.
But I don’t know why the rising spikes.

It’s showing minus 2 W at the moment his cursor is on, but the screenshot is meant to draw your attention to the yellow line that stays constant across the bottom (or nearly) after the 26th. Before that there’s gap in the solar (which is how it should be overnight because yes, the inverters do actually draw some power.

Mine has always shown positive number… even when they are clearly not producing energy.

Jan 26th ?

That’s when mine started… same thing as you with the yellow line showing + production at night. I’m thinking of doing a full reset on my sense.

Here is before Jan 26

Here is since

Mine was being caused by the side of one of the CT’s against other wires.