Preference for display duration

Every time I open the Meter display I have to pinch to zoom out until it shows a half hour. So annoying. Especially when I accidentally touch the screen on my phone. Why can’t this be a preference that I set and forget?

Same with the web, just the one URL ( why not have one for one hour or half an hour.

And is there a way to put my password into a URL so I can sign in w/o a saved password. There isn’t a way to save them on my Tesla’s browser

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On the web app you can set the meter to different timeframes like your looking for. Unfortunately the mobile app is t designed for it.

Not sure why you would need to sign in every time. I also don’t have a Tesla and I use windows running Opera or Firefox, iPhone, iPad and android and they all stay signed in for me.

Oh, and it seems that the display autoscales UNLESS you are perceived as pinching vertically when you are pinching horizontally, setting the duration to display. Then it sticks where you left it and you have to leave the page and re-enter the page AND scale the duration all over again. More reason to have a preference for a device so it will always open the Meter Display set to a specific range of time, half an hour in my case.

Sam, you may be right about not needing to sign in each time, they went from Safari code to Chrome code on the Tesla browser recently, perhaps that was one of the updated features. I just tried to switch sites and Sense was still logged in.

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