Previously identified devices dropping out

Why are so many devices that were detected before recently dropping off of Sense? In the last few months I have lost the washer, the dishwasher, coffee pot, and a couple others. Many of these were partial detections. Some have come back intermittently, others not at all.
The most recent was the dryer. It dropped off then detected it as new item. Then I had 2 dryers when the first detection returned.
My mini split system which is still not fully detected will now sometimes show intermittently. It was a partial detection but was consistent as far as reading when it was “on”

Hey @ron111157, it would be best to submit a ticket to our Support team so they can look into this further.

Ticket submitted!

Well that didn’t take long! I got a rather long cut and paste company line reply full of excuses, hyperlinks and no answers.
Some things are hard to detect, we’re working on it, conflation, use a smart plug, could be noise, delete it and it may find it agin, etc etc etc.

I see the trend. Ok noted!!

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Hey Ron,
When your devices dropped out, did they land in the “other” category? Recently Ive had about 5-8 devices that used to be well identified, all come up as “other” which is pretty useless. Just curious if yours did the same.

They did but usually show back up as a newly detected device such as Heat 2, 3,4 etc.