Problems with new “Always On”


II like the new always on feature and how it’s supposed to work with our smart plugs. Notice “supposed to”, mine is not working very well.
I ha e a router on a dedicated smart plug that uses between 10-14 watts and in fact, always on.
This router constantly bounces from its spot in always on to its own device line or bubble. When using 10 and 11 watts, it’s in always on. Then, while it’s using 11,12,13 and 14 it will have its own line or bubble. Note how 11 watts can take it either way.
This bouncing in and out can happen many times a minute and is very Annoying in addition to making statistics inaccurate.
The second problem involve a smart plug with a small power strip plugged into it. So it has two devices, a dish network DVR and a television. The DVR uses 38 watts and is always on. The television uses 80 watts and is turned off multiple times a day.
When the TV is off the device line shows the plug is “idle” so only when it’s using 38 watts. This should place those 38 watts into always on but it doesn’t. Then when the TV turns on the plug should come out of always on and be placed on its on line on the device page. The plug gets moved down in devices like it’s off with 38 watts and moved up to the on part of the page when the television is on.
Am I thinking wrong by saying the 38 watts of always on should always be there and only move when the tv is also turned on?
All this bouncing and notifications is driving me nuts today.
You can see how the power strip is showing on and off multiple time when all that changed was using 38 watts up to about 41 watts.
And two screenshots of the actiontec router both in and out of always on

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