Question about merging native detection and smart plug devices

For the first yearish that I owned by Chevy Bolt, I parked in the driveway as far away from the house as I could (because of the battery recall) and used the EVSE that came with the car to charge at 120v @ 8a. For my daily commute, it was fine honestly. If I needed more charge I’d pull into the garage to use the L2 charger and then put it back in the driveway when it was done charging.

I didn’t start using the L2 routinely until June of 2022. So from June 21 - June 22 I had it on an HS110. After using the L2 for about a month, Sense natively detected it. So now I have a “Electric Vehicle” device, which is the native detection and I have a “Chevy Bolt” device which is the HS110.

I know I can go into the device that is the HS110, go to “What is plugged into this” and choose the native detection. But I’m not sure if that will then ignore the native detection and expect the smart plug to be used. I just want to get the historical data merged in and I’m not planning on using the HS110 for anything else.

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@waterboysh ,
You’re correct - the “What’s connected to this ?” in the Manage tab for smartplug (and DCM) settings wouldn’t help your situation. That enables the measured data from the smartplug or DCM to supersede the native detection based on the premise that the measured result is more accurate.

I have had similar situations and have chosen to just keep two devices (1 smartplug and 1 native) separate, because there really isn’t a good way to maintain the history and gracefully merge the two today.