Quick Easy Install in May - 9 Devices Discovered - 1 Freezer Saved


I installed my Sense on 22 May without any issues. The main reason for getting this device was because I have an older freezer that I wanted to monitor. The installation was extremely easy, intuitive, and straight forward. Took less than 15 minutes. Another hour plus to manually put in all of my major devices into my profile.

Three times now we have had an issue with the freezer. The first is because it is on a bathroom circuit that has a GFI that tripped (because my son pressed the button). The freezer is in the basement. The bathroom is on the 2nd floor. This was very confusing (should probably get that fixed). We lost all the food in the freezer The second time, my son left the door open. This left the freezer on for a considerable period of time. We were able to save most of the food but had to cook it immediately. Neighbors loved us, but we still lost a lot of money.

We began looking for either a freezer alarm or a smart freezer. All of the alarms are basic (such as an audio alarm only) or typically require a subscription to get alert (so tired of getting nickel and dimed by another subscription).

I began looking at Sense combined with a TP-Link HS110. I have alerts if there is no power (power outage or GFI trip) and if the freezer has been on continuously.

Last week, we were installing a new sink and the GFI tripped. I instantly received an alert that the TP-Link and freezer were off. AWESOME! Had I not had that, I might have gone a few days before knowing that the power was out. You just saved me about $500 in beef, pork, ice cream, and huckleberries! :slight_smile:

So far, I only have 8 devices discovered. Another 126.5 kWh per billing month of June of devices that have not been discovered. Sense very quickly discovered the Main Floor and Upstairs ACs + Main Floor and Upstairs Heat. It also knows my Microwave, Garage Door, Dryer. I thought it would be quicker on the Waterheater, Washer, Oven/Stove, Refridgerator, Beverage Cooler, and when we have AC running in our RV connected to house power. Like many others, I would be happy to try anything you desire to kickstart the learning more. Completely understand the difficulty though.

Semper Fi!


This is awesome, @timisw. Thank you for sharing! We’d love it if you copy and pasted this over at https://sensesaves.sense.com/.