Random data chunk missing last night


Anyone else with a random chunk of missing data last night? Around 10:15 PM EDT for us and we had no power outage. It didn’t seem important enough to open a case, more or less just a curiosity.


I’ve notice missing data chunks since install, few times a week usually twice within the same day duration’s lasting from 15 secs to 15 mins, sometimes it happens just moments before finding a new device.


this happens to me very often. it is annoying. it often shows up eventually. but by then I no longer care. so I can’t say with 100% certainty whether it will always show up eventually.

edit:: still missing a chunk from 11:30 AM-12 PM on Apr 30

I’ve reported a few time to technical support where I have actually witnessed the data gap in process. where realtime data stops being reported. while I am using the app. so it isn’t a problem with data missing from history.


I checked and mine above hasn’t filled in as of now. While it isn’t a big deal for me I could see how people using IFTTT or other integration may become negatively affected.


it negatively affective if you are watching the data that day for specific information.
like I want to see if my AC has run yet. so I look through the history and between 12 and 1 there is a gap… did my AC run yet? or what?


I’m not seeing anything related to a widespread outage on our end. Usually data gaps are caused by a brief wifi issue, so always start there if you’re experiencing frequent gaps. In any case, data outages should definitely be reported to Sense Support. It’s really the only way for us to know if something is happening and it allows us to tie your report to your monitor so we can better figure out what’s going on.


If it were, my understanding is Sense’s back-fill process is supposed to kick in after the fact as long as the device didn’t lose power during the Wi-Fi outage. It is a hair over 48 hours later and the 10:13 PM - 10:35 PM chunk is empty. My Ubiquiti UniFi controller currently shows Sense connected continuously for 6 days and 17 hours.

I’ll open a ticket, but if support comes back with a generic “Wi-Fi” answer it would be nice to know what that means to help avoid it in the future. :slight_smile: There are multiple Ubiquiti UniFi access points within range of the Sense, and Sense is running on a 2.4GHz-only network I created specifically for it since it doesn’t support 5GHz. The closest AP is ~10-15 feet from Sense in the basement and right now it’s a healthy -60dBm connection between Sense and the nearby AP.


Yeah, definitely doesn’t sound like a wifi issue on your end. And it is weird that nothing is backfilled, as you note. Let me know what you hear from Support (just shoot me a message).


today’s example below…as previously mentioned, sometimes my data gaps happen before finding a new device…


based on how ive seen mine react the only time i see gaps in data which is not sense server related is wifi connectivity related. you may have poor signal or other things on your network may be swamping it around those times, or people outside your network may be jamming the signal with interference if they are on the same wifi channel as you


I did not lose power during any of these events:

2018-04-23 12:52 AM CDT
2018-04-23 2:34 AM CDT
2018-04-25 8:52 AM CDT

I constantly see ‘missing data’. When I asked SENSE support to investigate, they sent me off on a personal errand to find all the times my data was missing. The support desk has access to my data. Why can they not run their own program to search for ‘missing data’. It seems to me that they should already have a program running in the background to check on all customer accounts for ‘missing data’ and notify the support team and the individual customer if data is missing or not transferred. I have already run WiFi connectivity tests and internet speed checks. Even if my WiFi is the problem, then SENSE should automatically request for the data to be re-sent.


This is very probable. I noticed when I was casting music from my desktop to a Google Home in the same room as my router, physically in between my sense unit and the router, I’d lose data for as long as the casting was going on.

Never happened when casting from other sources, just my desktop computer.

A microwave, if located in a bad spot, can also affect signal transfer such that you lose data.


According to support (in my situation) this is an app display issue. They say the data did transfer from my device, yet for reasons being investigated by engineering the app isn’t displaying it. Odd. :face_with_monocle:


I’ll echo what others are saying, though - maybe once a day I have lost data totaling 1-5min or so. I haven’t had the opportunity to look into it any further than that…


I have the same issue and it appears to be related to brief Comcast internet outages that seem to occur fairly frequently.


I find that hard to believe. Since I have a very good router, set up properly, and no other devices have this issue. Then I believe it is a Sense Wi-Fi error. Not a Network issue.

@scorp508 that sounds more accurate


Unfortunately it’s not just a matter of your home networking setup, but as @ugh1nr noted above, interference can be caused by other devices both in and outside your home, or as @james_millard1 notes, outages on the ISP end. These outages may be incredibly brief but even that can kick Sense offline. Now, that’s not necessarily happening in every case mentioned in this thread. There’s certainly the possibility that something is going wrong on our end and for that reason we request that anyone with data drops submit a ticket to Support with as much detail as possible.


I just talked to Support and Engineering on this so I’ll elaborate a bit for everyone’s benefit. I do want to make clear though that this is definitely not the case for every single data gap that gets reported. So far it is very rare and the most common issue by far is wifi outages.

Basically, in the above case, the Sense monitor is receiving the data and internally storing it in segmented blocks. For a yet to be determined reason, sometimes in the process of segmenting that data, it will fail to display in the app. The data exists but it’s just not filling in.

Another possibility for some users is the simple brownout – the voltage drops enough for Sense to reboot, causing a gap in data.

We are looking into these issues, so definitely submit Support tickets if you’re facing continual data drops.


can you elaborate on what a brown-out is? do you mean that as in, the voltage supplied by the power company drops enough that it forces Sense to reboot? That would cause a permanent gap, correct?

and storing data, does that mean if I shut off my router, and turn it back on after a few minutes, the data won’t be lost? If so, how long is this possible?


That’s exactly what I mean by a brown out. And yup, permanent data gap in that case.

As for a wifi outage, Sense will store up to 6 hours of data.