Gaps in Data

Has anyone else noticed significant gaps in data? I haven’t looked at my sense data in a while and I notice gaps where it shows -1 Watts used. What’s interesting is many seem to begin at the start of a minute and end exactly in x minute increments. For instance, it’ll start at 2:08:00 PM and stop at 2:11:00 PM. Looks like it was pretty stable until May 3rd at 4:03 PM ET. After that, I started seeing all the gaps in data.

KHouse75… yes I have seen gaps in the data… But it always seems to fill in. What I have done is scan up and down past the gap or change the scale. Then it is there… No this is not from a power outage or a drop in the internet. I think it just maybe a memory or cache issue… Hope this helps or is what you are referring to… Gerry

These are gaps of lost data so they never fill in. I’m familiar with the temporary gaps that do fill in when scaling or moving around in time.

Support says this is caused by disconnects between the sense monitor and their servers. I did notice with an ICMP echo request that there were some dropped packets between the sense monitor and my network. My understanding is that the sense monitor is supposed to cache data for several hours when there’s a network disconnect. Since the connection between the sense monitor and the AWS servers is TCP based, packets sent must receive an ACK. If no ACK is received, the packet is resent. If the packet is eventually dropped, I’d expect the sense monitor to cache the data and try again when the network is back up. If this is not occurring, this is a bug in the firmware that needs to be corrected.

I have an access point with a unique SSID that’s used only by my sense monitor due to previous issues with the sense monitor’s wifi code not handling situations with mesh networks or with multiple APs with the same SSIDs. This AP had not changed in any way.

In any case, I decided to switch the sense monitor to my primary SSID which is served by multiple APs. So far, no data gaps after over 12 hours of run time. Time will tell if the issues with having multiple APs with the same SSID.

I just added smart plugs and had to turn off router a few times. I noticed the same thing and anticipated the data would be filled because the sense sight says it is stored. I believe there must be a bug there.

@KHouse75, I have had a few experiences with data gaps over the past 3 years, but have been fairly gap free since the beginning of this year. I think most of the gaps in my history came from the Sense monitor getting overrun with more tasks than it could handle as it attempted to meet it’s sampling and data delivery deadlines, not so much the networking, though if data retries become a large part of the monitor’s load, I suppose that could also lead to monitor overrrun.

The one place I have found that the network makes a bigger difference is in smartplug data acquisition. The Sense monitor only gets one shot at acquiring each 2 sec data sample from each smartplug after the monitor does it’s broadcast. But even there Sense uses hysteresis to fill in missed data, at least for a few samples.

One thing I notice sometimes is that just before the app says a new device was found, there will be a data gap. It doesn’t happen all the time though. I wonder if the monitor has to reboot or something after new models are loaded sometimes. Could be unrelated.

It’s been 40+ hours now using my general ssid and no lost data.

Hopefully, this gets on the Team’s bug fix to do list. Data should never be lost unless the buffer gets filled or the sense devices is power cycled.

I have 4 HS110 devices coming. Three will be going on my plasma TVs. Not sure where to put the other one at this time. Hopefully, 4 is not too many to cause data to be missed.

My experiences with real-time systems lead me to believe that Sense data gap issues aren’t as simple as a bug or two. They are more a function of an unexpected bottleneck or sources of activity in the Sense monitor that causes tasks to pile up until the Sense monitor can’t service even the highest priority tasks (data acquisition) anymore. For example, my monitor started dropping data a while back, when I installed too many smart-plugs (beyond the limit of 20 outlets - at that time the limit wasn’t clear). Sense helped me with a workaround, but that incident highlights that data dropouts can’t be isolated to a simple bug, but rather a real-time system forced to work outside of it’s system design assumptions.

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Well…I had a feeling that the issue with connecting to an SSID with multiple access points was going to bite me. Had a quick power outage this morning (which rarely happens here) that was long enough to take down my access points. Looks like sense connected back up but it connected to an AP with a week signal and never tries to connect back to one with a strong signal. It’s been losing data all morning because of this. Looks like I’m going to have to go back to a dedicated SSID.

Otherwise, there had been no gaps in data since connecting to the new SSID.

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Sorry to hear your challenges. My network has 5 access points (Apple), all broadcasting the same pair of 2.4/5Ghz SSIDs. My Senses seem to stay connected to the closest / highest signal AP, but who knows the mechanism that makes that happen.