Refresh issue when displaying the Voltage graph in SENSE Labs on an Android phone

How was your issue detected?:
I am opening the ‘SENSE Labs’ feature using an Android phone (Samsung S8 - version 9 OS).

Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:
I made a video of my actions. *The DISCOURSE forum does not allow me to upload my .MP4 file. I have been using the standard menu options for accessing the ‘Power Quality’ feature/option. This has been occurring for several months. I didn’t immediately report it because there have been higher priorities for the SENSE development team to address.

Immediately after selecting the ‘Power Quality’ screen:
at 0:00:07 seconds a ‘Voltage Display’ screen flashes up briefly for 1 second,
the screen then goes blank and displays a series of flashing dots (indicating something is downloading),
at 0:00:14 seconds the screen refreshes and the same display appears for a second time.

There is a 7-second delay between the screen images. This problem occurs if the phone is in the vertical or horizontal position.
Screenshots from Sense Lab

  • Sense Labs graph screenshots

Has anyone else encountered this same problem? It is a very low priority issue. The feature works, but the refresh screen delay is slightly irritating.