Replacement CTs

I moved, and in the process of pulling the CTs out of the panel, I believe I damaged the plug on the sensor connection to the main device. Are the available add on sensors functionally the same as the main set?

I know the CT’s are the same other than the stickers on them. I will check when I get home to confirm that the plugs are physically the same, I am pretty sure they are since the install directions indicates not to install them backwards. I tried to watch a DIY video of someone installing a sense and all I learned was people are WAY too confrontable putting there hands in a live panel.

No - middle-port sensors are calibrated differently from the sensors that go around your mains.

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Are you saying the plugin on the main unit or the pigtails actual CT’s. Now that I’m re-reading it, I’m not sure if @jdkarlen was saying the pigtails on the CT’s or the plug in inside the meter.

Because he labeled this as replacement CT’s. I think he was asking about the CT’s / cord. The plugs are the same. As long as the meter isn’t damaged you can use the add-on sensor as replacements. Here are the add-on beside the mains.

I do not believe that is what Justin is saying.

The port may be the same, but the CT’s are not.
I know at one point, you couldn’t even order replacement main CT’s because they were calibrated specifically with your Sense unit, so if something was wrong with the CT’s, it meant replacing the CT’s and the Sense. That may not be the case now, but in any case, @jdkarlen, you should talk to Support.

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@ben is correct :slight_smile:

Definitely recommend this as well.

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I stand corrected, I assumed the CT’s would have to have the same rating since they are used in the 400A split service setups.