[RESOLVED]: Https://monitorapi.sense.com/ certificate expired

I noticed that my Trends and Solar charts stopped updating around noon today and I saw that status.sense.com showed a decrease in API response time around the time window.
I didn’t see anything mentioned here in the community, but did see this in the subreddit that looks to be the culprit

Since they already sent a message to support, I won’t create another ticket, but wanted to put this out there in case someone is monitoring the community forums that can get to the weekend support team.


Mine also stopped at noon.

yup, same here…

I also opened a ticket.

1:00pm EST for me

It was restored yesterday evening.
Stats for yesterday were updated.
Even the info to Home Assistant Energy was updated

Although it was 1 peak at 10pm (pacific TZ) for the whole day :wink:

Mine seems to be showing realtime usage but no historic since around 10:30am MST…

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I’ve been a customer for three days and the certificate expires. :joy:

I assume everyone’s losing data at this point? Hopefully not.

Same here. Real time data reporting but my Solar/Grid hourly reports ended with the 12 PM - 1PM report on the east coast.

SSL certificate expired on one of their servers. I sent a support email but they’re not there on the weekends, so presumably this will be fixed on Monday.

I checked mine earlier and noticed it was reporting 0W starting this morning. Checked the monitor and it was 0w on 1 leg and -1850w on the other. I power cycled sense and it started reporting properly again.

Would hope maybe before Monday. Biggest hope is that historical data will fill back in?

Yup… Mine seems to be reporting realtime usage, but is not updating the trending chart…

I guess I’ll just patiently wait for Monday… Glad I checked here first before doing anything drastic, like power-cycling the Sense device (like I did the last time there was an outage)…

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I dropped off line at 12:45 PM

Looks like the certificate was replaced and things are back to working for me. Thankfully I also have all my data back from yesterday.

It came back up overnight/this morning for me.

Ditto. Same issue I am having in Oregon. Glad I didnt reset like last time as well

@JustinAtSense or @kevin1 can we get someone to combine the handful of duplicate posts about this resolved issue, there’s at least 5 for the same thing.

There was a database error while processing the request

Also related to the expired cert?

Working again about 15 minutes after I posted this

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This is done - I was unable to do this on mobile and had to wait until i was back home in front of a computer. Sorry for the delay, all!

This issue should be resolved.

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