[resolved] iOS 11 Beta Compatibility

Apple recently released the beta version of iOS 11. Given that this is a beta operating system, the Sense app may not be fully functional with it. Use of iOS 11 could cause a ‘Network Error’ to appear, or other issues, in the Sense app.

We are working on testing the Sense app on this new version of iOS 11, and will ensure that it is fully functional in it soon.


Update: You should now be able to log in and no longer get a ‘Network Error’ in iOS 11 beta. No need for an app update to correct this error.

It is, however, possible that you may experience app navigation issues. We are working to fix this problem as well and expect to have an app update early next week to correct it.

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Update: With v1.14 released today, iOS 11 beta navigation issues should be fixed. If you experience other issues using iOS 11 beta, please let us know.

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