Sense and IOS11.00 beta



I’m having issues logging in as well as if logged in it says I don’t have a network connection. Thoughts?



Thank you.


@BenAtSense Any chance we can test a beta build of Sense? At this point I cannot use the Sense app at all which is no ones fault but if I could be providing some feedback on a beta build at least I could see my data and provide some helpfull feedback.


I too can no longer access or log in to my Sense account since installing iOS 11 beta.


@twennywonn, I’m really sorry to hear that! Unfortunately we don’t have a beta build for iOS 11 available yet. That being said, I should have more information about this issue later this week and will post an update in the ‘Known Issues’ topic and here, when I do.


The beta build is now available to the public if you have an iPhone to spare.



Tried to do an initial install using the app on IOS Beta 2. No luck. Setup portion and connection to my wireless network was flaky and couldn’t create an account with Sense. Ended up using my iPad with 10.3 on it and had no issues.


May I inquire of a time frame when will Sense be updated to support iOS 11 beta?


Randy and all,

We’ve begun work on some fixes for iOS 11 beta and you should begin to see some improvements next week, including a resolution to the ‘Network Error’ issue. That being said, fixes for iOS 11 beta will be ongoing, and since Apple is still actively making changes to iOS11, full support won’t come until the full iOS11 release.


Thanks for the update Ben, appreciate it. I have other iPhones laying around so I just pulled One out and use it for Sense as well as other apps.


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