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I don’t trust device detection anymore. Sense confuses my devices, and I find it difficult to believe it can accurately track the usage of devices that are fluctuating simultaneously.
I also feel like Sense is getting more precise with power usage as well. the graph lately seems to fluctuate in minute amounts. whereas before it seemed like fridge turned on… solid flat line until major change. now the fridge turns on, and the the line moves up and down by a watt or 2 every second. it’s very curvy.

that aside, I wonder if Sense is capable of detecting my rice cooker. Something I only know because I have Sense is that it on/off. it turns on for like 3 seconds to heat up, then turns off. and this is during the cooking process. not during the keep warm setting. each cycle (on/3 seconds/off/1 minute/repeat) can be a minute or 2 long.

Makes you appreciate the power of our brains.


My rice cooker was detected

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does yours work like mine?

edit: just saw the image. oh ok. mine it confuses for various other appliances though. Might be time for me to reset my data.

it says my air fryer was on for 5 minutes this morning… wonder if that was my Keurig


I have had mine get confused with a blender.
It was really accurate but lately it seems like most devices are being confused with others at times.
It does operate in a way where it cycles on/off rapidly to reach and then maintain a certain temperature.

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I think right now it thinks my rice cooker is my dehumidifier, lol. the poor thing.


I don’t think this can be understated. Machine learning in general really has a way of making you feel very, very smart…like when I repeatedly have to yell at Alexa to get the whether for Boston and not Austin.

But to answer your question, I don’t think there’s anything implicit in your rice cooker that’d prevent detection. My slow cooker cycles similarly, but was detected pretty quickly.

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I’ve got to get in the habit of deleting “seasonal” devices. If I don’t erase my furnace at the end of winter it will confuse my AC and so forth. As well as devices that I’m no longer using regularly. If I’m not going to use my air fryer so much anymore, need to go ahead and erase it.

That said, I went ahead and deleted every device except all my detected light bulbs and fridge. My fridge is the only thing that I think it detects pretty spot-on.

I’m probably wrong, but I sort of get the feeling that Sense develops a kind-of expectation. That maybe it becomes accustomed to detecting a device so often, so it begins to expect it to run. so if you stop using it… it starts looking for it in other devices that are running and gets confused.
So I am running an air fryer everyday for a month… then stop and get a rice cooker. It starts accusing my rice cooker of being an air fryer, even though they don’t look much alike.

edit: and my light bulbs. except my kitchen lights. but I don’t fault it. my kitchen lights are tubes. I’ve been replacing the flourescent tubes with led tubes (cutting out the ballast to make the LEDs work), but with that. there is still a mixture of LED and flourescent tubes, and there are 8 of them, and they don’t all turn on at the same time. I can appreciate that it might be confusing for sense. I’m amazed it recognized it at all given the inconsistent nature of its power-on.


I’ve deleted about a dozen with hope that they would be detected better or more stable. Boy was I wrong!
They have not been detected again and I now think they won’t be. I’d think twice about deleting any of your devices and first see if support may be able to help.

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I’ve done it before. I’m not deleting the lights or fridge

It didn’t detect all my devices again like it did the first time. And it might seem like deleting them was a mistake. but when you think about it, it’s neither a mistake nor (the opposite of a mistake) to delete devices with the expectation they will be detected again more accurately or stable.

And the reason its not a mistake is because, at this point they aren’t being detected accurately anyway. so no harm in deleting them. and it’s not a non-mistake because the reason it is losing accuracy is that all the data you’ve collected is what confused it in the first place. if you delete the device without deleting the data, it is just going to redetect it with all the errors again.

I’m deleting it because I don’t want it to confuse the devices I actively use, and bombard me with false information about devices running that aren’t. I’d rather it have 5 or 6 devices that it detects accurately, than 20 devices that are all wrong. If that makes sense. It’s actually more than 5 or 6 because its detected 5 light switches. It’ll get my AC in a few days, and my dehumidifier. I’ll probably forbid it from doing my AC since I can eyeball that, and it finds it difficult to separate the AC and dehumidifier.

if I really want to go back to how it was detecting my devices so well in the beginning, I need to erase all my data. and let it start detecting them over again under current conditions. because over the last year my house has changed. The data from last February 2018 is just going to continue to confuse it as it tries to detect devices in Apr 2019. and all the appliances that I haven’t run or used in 8 months (electric tea kettle I am looking at you. I really should start drinking more tea)

I don’t run my dehumidifier on the same setting and so forth. All of these “minor” changes, are going to confuse a devices that isn’t as smart as I am.

and I think @RyanAtSense this is something I would like to see done. Sense gives me the ability to delete all my devices, and it gives me the ability to restore to factory settings. But what I want is the ability to reset device detection to start with data collected from today on. I want to be able to look back at last July. but when it comes to device detection, I want Sense to be blind to that data.


When I deleted mine is was for the same reason, high accuracy instead of high detection count.
I had taken my list down to around 22 (not counting smart plugs) but they were all 100% accurate. Notice “were”, something has changed somewhere because accuracy has dropped recently.
I don’t think ALL the data from a device gets totally removed when we delete. I’ve been told otherwise by another user with much more experience but I still feel there is something causing the detection to not happen again and feel this is the reason.
Asked support a few times but have t been given an answer


really? I thought smart plugs would be 100% accurate since they are measuring and sending the data to Sense??? Unless you have several devices on one plug???


I’ve thought about getting the power strip https://www.amazon.com/Kasa-Smart-Power-Strip-TP-Link/dp/B07G95FFN3/ref=as_li_ss_tl?&hvadid=242027088707&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16006185166951113399&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9002000&hvtargid=pla-558184137244&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=sense02e-20&linkId=3a30ab359e1b8855e171b4fad91e3a5c&language=en_US

but I just can’t justify it. it’s too much money for me and for what benefit? The devices I have plugged in to power strips are ones that I don’t want turned off. (modem, router, etc) or use very little power. my usage is at about 50W. unless I have my desktop running and It has a power supply rating, so I pretty much know what it uses.

beyond that… perhaps the fan in my bedroom (so that I don’t have to run the AC) so I wouldn’t have to lean over and plug it in?


I just bought two from amazon for $55 each and I’m glad I did, they are worth the money. I’m using one for all my computer gear and the other for all my sewing machines and equipment. These were all things Sense would never detect anyway.
I’m a tightwad so it was hard for me to drop the money so I understand. I think you’d like it.

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Oh I know I’d like it. For the same reason I bought Sense. But Sense finally did something to potentially pay for itself when it alerted me a few months ago that I had forgotten the attic fan on. I’m not sure the smart power strip would actually provide benefit to me besides the cool gadget factor.

perhaps you could elaborate? Back in February you doubted whether smart plugs had merit or what the point of having a Sense would be. I guess the Sense would be useful to large devices that can’t be plugged into a smart plug.

my computer and monitor together add 200W/hour (about 120 for the computer and 80 for the tv) but my computer isn’t the sort of thing I want to just shut off by flipping the switch remotely. and all my appliances should be plugged directly into an outlet they say.

I don’t know.


Your right about my initial dislike for smart plugs with Sense. I felt that it was somewhat cheating, wasn’t it The job of Sense to make detections?
I think what changed my mind to a degree is the fact that there are many thing it will never detect but I was still interested in power consumption. Where others will use smart plugs for things like refrigerators, microwaves and other usually detectable devices, I don’t. I still feel that those devices could be and should be detected by Sense natively.
My feelings are still the same about how Sense is presented on the website, it’s not quite as far along as they make it appear. I didn’t like the idea that I had to purchase add on items to make it work like I felt they were showing, still don’t.
I guess you could say I caved.


I couldn’t agree with you more. And, I’ve also given up and have invested in a few smart plugs for more significant consumers (like my LG refrigerator), where the consensus is “ain’t gonna’ happen” with Sense. That said, I bought Sense in the first place to detect and monitor the major consumers, not the little (or always on) ones. Most of the big consumers are 220v, not 110v, and AFIK there aren’t smart plug equivalent monitoring modules for those devices (yet) anyway.

If/when someone brings out a monitor for those, I’ll probably invest a little more. I’ve no plan to invest in more smart plugs in the meantime, much less smart strips. If Sense does detect those devices (they market such capability on their web site), great. If not, they simply aren’t drawing enough to make it worthwhile spending hundreds of dollars to make it worth doing the workaround.


yeah my main reason for wanting a device like Sense was for my Air Conditioner.

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Oh Confound It All!

I was just minding everyone else’s business in the community. was checking my always on usage in the online app, reset the web page a couple of times to try and figure out why my waveform was showing -1 W when I get this.
I guar-on-tee none of these are accurate

The data would need to be reset to get accurate devices again


I can’t get a detection to save my life lately. I see why, @Grandpa2390 got them all.
Just curious, have you been in contact with support in the last few days?

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No, why do you ask?