Safe Temperature Range


I just installed my Sense in the garage at my panel. Had to do a surface install since the panel didn’t have a safe location to put the unit in.

What is the temp range for this device? It gets rather warm in my garage.



According to one of the inserts, the safe temp range is 0-50*C. I’m willing to bet it gets a little hotter outside here (where my Sense is installed) than in your garage :wink:


If your garage isn’t heated and might freeze the official minimum temperature is freezing, so that may not work… otherwise if it’s ever above 120°F in the location of the sensor you live in a VERY warm home. Your wife must keep the heat up as much as mine!


In Arizona, most all residential panels are (by code I think) on an exterior wall such as outside the garage. So far mine is working fine but this summer will be its first. Could be interesting… hope the plastic housing and bracket can take 130F plus temperatures.


I am also in AZ. My panel is on the west side. I have just installed mine and noticed that from 2-5pm the unit shuts off intermittently. I assume from the heat. I am thinking about mounting it in a smaller telcom box with a fan.


Haven’t had any problems with temperatures personally, but my box is on the E/NE side with at least a little shade.

Anything else going on from 2-5pm that might be messing with signals? Other WiFi operations in the home, are you cooking a lot with a microwave at that time? What exactly do you mean by “shuts off?” You’ve lost connection and can’t see your data? Does the data ever catch up? (like later in the evening, has it filled in?)

What you might need instead is an access point closer to your Sense device if it’s too far from your router, etc. A fair number of users have run into this problem.


no one is home at that time.The data has a gap. I am trying to cover up the
panel today with some tire covers from my Toy hauler. this should keep the
sun from beating on it. I have multiple APs in my house and have no issues
with connectivity. I am getting between 50-70% connection strength with
5-50Mb transfer rate. I have also connected it to a single AP and it still
cut out. I will let you know how the cover goes today. Thanks for the


Hmmm… I may have the opposite issue.
I live in Minnesota and I installed my sense in my electrical box which is in an unheated garage on an external wall, so it’ll definitely get below freezing.

Wonder if the temperature range has actually of the device has actually been tested in the lab?


If it’s anything like some other industries, it’s based on the temperature ranges of the components and likely hasn’t been independently tested as a complete device. That being said, often the components are never completely tested, and test ranges are restricted to “somewhere between too damn hot and too damn cold.”


@jasongilbert1967, our monitor is rated to work properly from 0 to 50 deg C. If your panel is getting past that point, the monitor may shut off due to temperature. I would definitely try to shade your panel, or otherwise keep it from getting past 50 deg C.

@kgoerz, while the monitor needs to be installed in above freezing temperatures, it should be able to handle down to about -15 deg C once in operation.

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