Display Sense Unit Temperature


Most devices have a form of showing the internal temperature. If sense has an one, display unit temperature in the Sense Monitor Window along with Status, Serial, etc.

Due to the panel being located in the unheated garage. It won’t be happy @ -40c. I need to find a way to keep sense warm and knowing if it’s overheating or running cold would be nice. Should I knit it a cozy or build an insulated box around to see if can use it’s own heat to keep it warm? Being able to view the temp of the unit, I would know what is good enough.


What temperature does Sense need to be at? Mine is in an exterior breaker box.


Their quoted range :

At startup, above 0C (32F).
Once started (warmed up) runs between -15C (5F) and 50C (122F)


Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll keep this in mind.