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With the summer coming up here in Sacramento, it will mean the Sense monitor in our electrical main panel on the south side of the house will prob be experiencing better than 110 degF. I installed our Sense last Oct, so 2018 will be its first full summer. There is some slight shading of the electrical panel from part of the roof, but I’ll bet that panel does see a lot of sun a good part of the day. From other posts, it appears the sense unit will just shut down outside its operating range rather than fry or freeze, so I’m fairly hopeful I won’t lose my sense unit. I would like to monitor my unit’s temperature - what are the options? I know sense support could see the WiFi signal strength, so can they also monitor the temperature? I know cool electronics are happy electronics, and hot ones usually have short lives…


I also have this issue living in Phoenix, AZ! Already I think I am experiening a heat related problem. I say ‘I think’ because I am a new install and the unit is a ways from my computer and am not sure that this also is a problem. Re: the temp ,measured at the sence today (outside ambient 90) unit facing east in the morning 130F (outside the recommendation of 122!) I have been having spotty reception and am trying to diagnose the problem.


There are plenty of things that can cause connectivity issues with Sense, I don’t think heat is yours.

Mine made it through last summer just fine.


Sorry to catch this so late. We don’t have a temperature sensor in the monitor, and we officially advise not to install Sense in a space where temperatures exceed 122F. That said, going slightly above that really shouldn’t kill anything. If you’d like to monitor the temperature of the unit, you could try a ‘smart’ temperature sensor like those from Elgato or Philips that would go right to your phone. A cheaper option would just be a standalone thermometer with a remote probe.

@k.ake that doesn’t sound like it’s temperature related. That sounds like a wifi issue. If you contact, they can diagnose that for you.

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