Scheduled maintenance

Database Update

Scheduled for Dec 12, 20:00 - 21:00 EST



We will be undergoing scheduled maintenance during this time.

This scheduled maintenance affects: Login, Sense Client API, Sense Realtime API, and Sense Monitor API.

*Sense employees should have posted this in News & Announcements - Sense section along with some sort of details as to what this ‘update’ entails, but I guess us users have to post it here instead…
ps: The Labs power meter and all the other issues are still unknown to Sense employees?
Known Issues - Sense
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You raise a good question - Sense maintains a relatively nice operational dashboard for users (that is admittedly missing a few things like operational status of the Sense Labs projects), but it’s not linked into the User Community - it’s under and offers the ability to subscribe to push emails.

Your suggestions about reposting alerts to the Sense community seems like a good one. But I’m wondering if there are other mechanisms that might be helpful as well - Maybe add them to Sense alerts as well with a link to the page where there is a heck of a lot more information on what’s happening.

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