Unable to login: database errror

The moment I posted this I received an email:

Investigating service disruption
New incident: Investigating
We’re currently experiencing a service disruption and users might experience intermittent failure on load and degraded performance on some of the screens (Bubbles, Dashboard, Meter)

Our engineering team is working to identify the root cause and implement a solution.

We will be posting updates as they come in.
Time posted
Oct 16, 12:01 EDT
Components affected
Sense Client API
Sense Realtime API


I was seeing this also. Managed to log in eventually but the meter and so on are unable to display any data at this time.


Also having the same issues, managed to get logged in but no data.

Check status.sense.com to see if there are any operational issues. Today there are.

That was the first thing I did.
The graph showed delays but there wasn’t anything mentioned AT THAT POINT.

Incident status: Identified
We’ve determined the root cause and actively working on the resolution.

We will be posting updates as they come in.
Time posted
Oct 16, 13:48 EDT


@dannyterhaar , I didn’t reply directly to you since you know this stuff well ! Mostly for the benefit of others looking at this thread. There’s a likelihood of an app display problems anytime the average response for the APIs shows a spike. And a pretty good likelihood that there there will be an officially investigated and alerted incident if the AP spike persists more than a 10-15min.


Working for me now. Must have figured it out?

Hi all, yes we did experience an outage today but this has been resolved. If you are still experiencing any issues, please file a ticket with our Support team: sense.com/contact.

I still cannot login online but can login on the app but the app cannot connect to their servers.

Try clearing your cache for home.sense.com in your specific browser. If it still doesn’t load for you, please file a ticket with our team and mention you want it to be escalated to James Drew: sense.com/contact.

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We got an ‘off line’ message here …

Minor outage right now according to status.sense.com.