Add Sense Operational Status Alerts to Sense App Alerts

I like the idea for a link to from within the app when things aren’t working as expected. Yesterday in the app I watched dots dance horizontally for a while, meaning the app was trying to connect or something. I watched for 10-15 seconds before giving up. It would be nice if the app would pop up a suggestion if the dots have been dancing horizontally for more than 5 seconds. The pop up could say, “Would you like to check Sense status in your browser?” Yes would open the browser at the appropriate page, while No would take you to back to the dancing dots. The pop up should probably remove itself if the user ignores it for 20 seconds, so that the app doesn’t get stuck waiting after the issue has passed.


That’s a great idea Jeff, is my natural goto place if I see slow response times or if something seem a little off about use of the Sense App or Web App. It would be even better if the App/WebApp alerted users to possible issues with their users experience, since “knows” what is happening. And it could fit very naturally into the Sense Alert structures.