RESOLVED: Is Sense monitoring Down?


I’ve been seeing this for awhile. 30-60min…



I’ve been down for about an hour


Down for 13 mins, Up for 22 mins, down for 21 mins. That’s what I’ve seen in the past ~hour.


Mine was flaking out (live usage graph choppy and slow to update) for an hour or two. Now it seems to be down hard.


I kinda jumped the gun and rebooted my monitor before checking here… lol
I prolly lost some data.



My sense stopped working around 7:00 p.m. on website safari inspect element console show the following error: WebSocket network error: OSStatus Error -9806: connection closed via error


I’ve been down for a bit as well…


Back up for the past 15 minutes


Mine just came back…


Back up here and the usage during the downtime period was not lost.

No information on throughout the incident… bad practice.


Sorry about that. We dealt with it quickly and unfortunately missed updating in our haste.

Yes, there was a brief outage yesterday, but it has been resolved.


Are you able to retroactively add an incident to If so the post incident operating procedure may need updating to go do that.


We’re still doing the post-mortem to figure out exactly what went wrong, but we will post an update at when we have it.