Schneider Electric

I’ve recently used EnergySage and if nothing else they maintain a seemingly up-to-date database of solar panels, inverters and batteries. Handy.

"EnergySage said it plans to develop new solutions for high-efficiency HVAC, smart home devices, and other clean energy products and services, and aims to scale its business globally."

That seems well outside their ken, but Schneider’s backing helps, one would think.

What’s that 20thC word I’m looking for in regard to Sense here … oh right, SYNERGY.

Anatomy of a deal

The EnergySage marketplace launched in 2012, initially bootstrapped by Aggarwal.

The company had raised only $8 million since then, plus some government grants from the likes of the U.S. Department of Energy. Even with that lean funding, EnergySage grew to employ more than 70 people. Customers bought more than $600 million worth of solar and battery storage on the platform in 2021.

Now, with the acquisition complete, the Boston-based company has another 50 open job positions, Aggarwal said.