Screenshot android app blocked?

My power was only half what it should be, so my desktop wasn’t working !

Oh… i forgot I have 24kWh of lifePO4 batteries.
My desktop was fine, but I was running around disconnecting things because of the weird voltages that weren’t on my hybrid inverter (not a whole house solution yet)

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Screenshot from 2023-11-13 17-03-26
Taking a screenshot from the desktop works great :wink:

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Sorry @dannyterhaar, the last wasn’t a response to you, it was to @Edison517 as he tagged me, and I had a quick answer. I should have made sure to directly address @Edison517. Sorry about that.

Hi again so I got a response after some digging.

  1. Screenshots on the system page and likely other data-sensitive pages are forbidden now in the beta for Android. I tested in my beta, and I can’t do it either. This is for compliance. The “systems” section is a good example of something where a screenshot should probably be prevented for these reasons. I already suggested separating out signals and other such data that folks may want to take a screenshot of. Please be aware that this is a suggestion, and I can only advocate for it; I do not decide.

  2. For the part about Sense Labs, I tested it, and it seems that this page should load but may take a few beats or need a page refresh or app refresh. It’s not acting perfectly, but labs can be like that sometimes. If you still have a specific issue with this @dannyterhaa, you may want to send me a private message or open a ticket and ask to talk specifically to me, then PM me that you did so I can find it.

Please be aware that beta also means not fully supported. Feedback is appreciated, but things won’t always work as expected, and troubleshooting is sometimes limited.


Dearly noted and I am the -last- one to make any negative remarks for a beta version!
I see feedback only as a way to help fix things.

Thank you for all your feedback, looking forward to changes/fixes!


Thanks, Danny,

I appreciate it, and I agree with the reason for the feedback. Sorry if I ever sound harsh regarding beta; I just want to make sure folks are aware and we are on the same page as some of its limitations.

Thanks again!