Sense base station

So with this past week and all the issues with Sense I think it would be nice to have an option to buy an add on base station for our Sense monitor where all data is stored similar to having a base station for my security cameras where my videos’ are save on a local hard drive that is plugged into my Arlo base station. I don’t know how much data is created by the Sense monitors but having a base station with say a USB connection for external expandable storage space would be nice. It would also be nice to have for the end user who might experience extended network outages as well.


Perhaps a variation on this thought would be an add-on product from Sense which would “buffer” the data during a WiFi outage and then upload it when WiFi was re-established.

A related issue is being able to improve the Sense device’s ablity to “ride through” brief main power outages so that it is able to more accurately report on power-source outages / brown-outs / transients.

That, combined with the ‘extended buffering’ of data, would allow better monitoring of the time period between when main power is restored and the Internet connection is re-established.

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