Data storage and user profiles

It is just frustrating that there isn’t another option to reset your Sense monitor without loosing all the data thats been collected by it which is the whole point of having this thing. Everything else seems to have been saved when I did the data reset so why isn’t the data that has been collected also saved somewhere? What happens if my Sense monitor fails completely and I need to replace it with a new one? Does my data disappear again and I need to start over again? Wouldn’t it make sense to have the data stored on the users profile and not directly associated to the Sense monitor itself so that way if the monitor dies you simply replace it and the new monitor picks up where the broken one left off or say my monitor is having issues and I just do a factory or data reset and when I reconnect the monitor it simply picks up where it left off?

I am in the military and this is the first home that I have owned but being in the military also means that I might have to move again and if I do I would like to take my Sense monitor with me and use it again in another home. So what if there is was in option under my user profile that allowed me to create a new home and associate my Sense monitor to this new home and still retain my historical data so I can compare the data from my old home to my new home and determine how much more or less efficient my new home is.


Mike… Great idea… I would venture to same it is a hardware issue… Ah… How hard would it have been to have a SD card in the works… That way it could… maybe even write down when/if the WiFi connection is lost… My 2 cents… Later…Gerry