Factory reset pro's and con's

what are the pro’s and con’s of doing a factory reset after 2 years of operation, is it worth doing?

There’s two types of reset: (1) Factory Reset and (2) Data Reset. Factory Reset should be used if you’re moving and need to install Sense on a brand new panel, or if you sell your Sense monitor. Data Reset on the other hand will just reset your Sense data. It sounds like you’d want the latter.

I’ll let others chime in on their experiences with doing a data reset, but can I ask what you hope to gain by doing so? It will reset everything, so you will be starting completely fresh. I’d recommend exporting all of your data via the Web App first, if you want any form of historical lookback.

I’ve watched sense find devices and then lose them so many times it get’s frustrating to have devices monitoring steadily and then drop out it has happened on more then one occasion on more then one device. it defeats the purpose for which I purchased the sense for, if device detection isn’t consistent then data becomes worthless, I don’t need to have sense tell me total usage per month, my electric meter tells me that, the purpose was to see which devices were wasting my money, I’m sure sense will eventually do that but for now it has a long way to go, as I have said in the past my home is not unusually complex, I have the usual major appliances nothing near the stuff I see others have on here, only 3 or 4 device have been consistent from the beginning the rest have had there share of drop outs, things like washers and dryers, my boiler seems to find my hot surface ignitor but has never found the pump, my air compressor that gets confused with my 12,000 btu AC unit, or equipment showing it’s running when in fact they have been unplugged for a month or so and sitting on a shelf for the winter in my shop, I’m in hopes that a data reset will find things again and be more consistent, sense has advanced since I purchased it in Oct 2017. rather then abandon since and move on I’d rather give it another shot, I have dealt with sense techs from the beginning and have a stack of tickets dealing with them, but as soon as one problem is corrected another shows up. I do know what patients mean I think I have demonstrated that and will continue to do so for a time being as long as I see things improving. right now I’m frustrated with sense.

now back to my original question will I see any improvement if I should reset my data and start it all over again?