Moving Sense to a new house

I moved my Sense monitor to a new house. I connected to Sense with Bluetooth and connected to the new wifi network with no problems. I did a reset data but my old devices are still in the data.

Should I do a “Factory Reset” and start with a completely fresh Sense?


@RyanAtSense answered this here:

But I think your post points to the need to have “Factory reset” explained in official Sense help docs outside of needing to search the Community … perhaps here:


@ixu I was about to go ahead and add that copy there, but I realized the question actually exists in help documentation (almost verbatim.) We have been discussing better ways to organize help content and recognize it’s not the easiest to parse through as-is.

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Hmmm, that one is better (screenshot!) but it also doesn’t address “Factory reset”.

Search for “factory” yields nada.

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I think the article you provided initially is the best home for this distinction. I’ve added that copy to the help article after slightly adjusting. Thanks @ixu!


I did a “Factory Reset” and also created a fresh account with a new email address to avoid the possibility of any “flashback” memory gremlins.

I am interested to see how long it will take Sense to rediscover my electronica.

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I’m back with a new account and a new name!

I’m having problems with the new installation. It says that someone is checking on it on the Sense end. I seem to be stuck at 50%.

Do I need to do anything?

For some reason or another, the automated system which checks polarity and detects which clamps are on which leg etc… can’t figure things out. So Sense support may have to intervene.

You can open a support ticket for the new monitor if you want, but the automated process has already flagged it for help, so the extra ticket should not be necessary. It is possible it will also sort itself out over the weekend. I suggest that other than making sure that the CT clamps are fully closed, don’t move anything.
I often see on the forums where people are told that signal check failing is because they installed the CT clamps facing the wrong way and they should fix it. While yes, Sense gives instructions on which way to make them face, in the end it doesn’t matter as they can correct for it in software. But when people start moving the clamps while the signal check process is going on, then the system gets even more confused.

It does mean you are probably waiting until Monday for a resolution when support opens up.

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Do you have solar or just a basic 2 CT install ? My experience is that someone from Sense support will straighten out polarities and matching currents with voltages, if the automated setup sometimes cannot. If you have solar the auto setup is more challenging (pairing solar and mains legs, plus determining polarities).

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No solar.

Hey @Harold3. If this hasn’t worked itself out as of this morning, reach out to Support ( as @kevin1 suggested.
My set-up process/signal check took closer to 48 hours to work itself out, but eventually did.


I did nothing. It was corrected by Sense remotely.

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